Ah Yes, Chocolate

With Christmas comes chocolate. Boxed chocolates, wrapped chocolates, half-eaten chocolates discarded because the ‘chewer’ doesn’t like the flavor… You get the point.

Here’s a fun poem if you need a laugh after facing the Boxing Day crowds.


In the center of each



chocolate lump

there is a hard nut

waiting to bump your

front tooth into the dentist’s chair.

ChocolateIn the center of each



chocolate hunk

there is a car a mel

chunk just waiting to


your teeth to geth er

for ev er.



                                                                                                         © 1989 Arnold Adoff

I like the way the words are spaced out, giving a fun tone to the poem and seeming purposely careless. Take the word ‘forever.’ Spacing it out as ‘for ev er’ lengthens the word that by definition has an infinite lifetime.

What is your favorite part or line in the poem?


16 thoughts on “Ah Yes, Chocolate

    1. Marc Phillippe Babineau

      Okay, I’ll try…

      There once was a man from Vancouver,
      Who realized his favorite hockey team was a loser.
      They’d make it real far,
      Then fall to sub-par.
      Getting known as a clutch-game loser.

      Then he realized,
      That his team was marginalized,
      On the heels of making a goalie’s wallet fatter.
      Too much to be paid,
      for a goalie who laid
      A goose-egg when it didn’t really matter.

      (see why I don’t write poetry?)


      1. christyb Post author

        Actually that was pretty good, rhymes and all! Now as for the dig about Vancouver… I’ll let you get away with it today just because it is New Years and all. But any other day you might have to answer to that goalie himself…


  1. Androgoth

    Everything to do with chocolate adds wickedness
    to poetry, and as I am a friend of the Wombies, well
    I should know 🙂 How do you mean who are these
    Wombies that I speak of? 🙂 Well just call into my
    Space and click on the Wombies of Wombania…
    they are on my leading page so you can’t miss them,
    especially on my Space as they sort of clash a tad
    with my theme, but I would never remove them as
    they are just too nice my friend 🙂 And so to your
    question on the poetry line i like, well as I have
    said it has to be the choc o late part my friend 🙂

    Have a wonderful start to 2012
    and be good, I always am 🙂 😉



    1. christyb Post author

      I also like the way the poet ends with ‘take care’ as though there has been a personal connection created with the reader. Yes Red the visual construction of the poem caught my eye as well!


    1. christyb Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Thomas. I am having flashbacks to dental visits! I suppose dentists are trying to make us more comfortable with the head padding in the chair, however there’s only so many ways to make that appointment more pleasant…


    1. christyb Post author

      Hi Lorrelee, thanks for the visit. You are entitled to the truffles as it is New Years and that is a pretty good reason in my books. Happy New Year!



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