You Read It, I Red What?

I Red What?

Tunes it is. “Tunes With Tuesday” is back again.

Can’t get enough?

I liken the Tuesday series to a lemon merange pie. One slice a week is fine, while having the whole pie in one day could make your tummy hurt. Once a week is good for the tunes posts. I hope you agree!

My recent HubPages post about country singer Toby Keith‘s Red Solo Cup song has been well-received by readers. I hope you enjoy the words and embedded YouTube video of the song as I repost it here today.

This is christyb I feel obligated to warn you that this song may get stuck in your head.

Red Cups

Red. Cups.


12 thoughts on “You Read It, I Red What?

  1. Julie Catherine

    Hahaha, loved it, Christy! Just what I needed to listen to – and now this tired puppy is going to have a little nap … and probably dream of red cups. Thanks for the smile today! LOL. ~ Julie 🙂


  2. Red

    I am escared to listen to this one…everyone is talking about it. I am afraid it will be like Achy, Breaky Heart or Boot Scoot Boogie and I wil N.E.V.E.R. get it out of my head 😛


    1. Christy Post author

      Hehe awe man now I have Achy Breaky Heart stuck in my head! Hehe remember Billy Ray’s mullet at the time? Ah sigh the good memories…



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