The Letter Z

The Sleep 

Www dot get a rest dot com.

The world wide web of sleep

Is calling to my ribs, my mind, and my eyes,

To take a break and not break my passion

For words and wisdom,

For friendship and outstretched arms.

The space button whispers to me to move along,

Nudges me to move at all,

But for now I cut and paste myself

Into the world of sleep

And into the world of a more rested me.

© 2012 Christy Birmingham


Sleep. Rest.


35 thoughts on “The Letter Z

  1. Jane Carroll

    Delightful. It was in my inbox when I awakened at 2am and couldn’t get back to sleep…I should have read it then…then I could have cut and pasted myself back into slumber…


  2. mywithershins

    I want you to know, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award because reading your blog always makes me smile and thought you could use a little sunshine in your life, too. 🙂


  3. granbee

    Wonderfully formed lines with all the “dots” spelled out to express how we all feel when we have been zapped and fried by the internet bug! Rest and peace and renewal from the inside out is truly our yearning at these times. Kudos for this very well formed poem expressing this wish for us all.


      1. Charron's Chatter

        I am! Getting ready to block together my first gym-a-palooza review. I went the last couple of days, and I’m going again tomorrow, too, it’s that good to do some weight training on my over-used running muscles. (sore though!!) I luv the Sunday…a good day all around. 🙂

        Hope you are R & R’in’ as well–resting and recreatin’…



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