Poetry: The Running Vision

I watched the woman I describe in this poem a few days ago as I sat on a bench at a local pier, here in Victoria, BC.

She was a powerful sight and seemed to radiate energy as she finished her run.

Runner Woman

Her long silver hair

(held loosely in a ponytail)

Shines defiantly in the sunlight

As she walks along the wooden boards of the pier.


I see a few loose tresses dance freely in the warm sea air

while golden beads of perspiration lightly spot across her forehead

(A pattern I know well).


Her run is newly finished

And her zest for the moment has just begun.

She feels the wind along the back of her neck

And stops to complete a forward lunge

(First the left leg and then the right), slow and steady movements

That stretch her thighs

For another dock and another time.


Her sunglasses protect her eyes

Yet she still sees the forms around her:

Canada geese in a grouping of four

And a woman in a wheelchair

Who wonders where the baby goslings have gone.


She has finished her run, and is ready to walk back home,

After another deep breath

And another stretch for good luck.


© 2012 Christy Birmingham

Victoria, BC, Canada

Victoria, BC, Canada. ©2012 Christy Birmingham


44 thoughts on “Poetry: The Running Vision

  1. Raymond Alexander Kukkee

    Beautiful, Christyb,,,you have transported me to the dock to watch the running woman. VERY well done! “Christyb brings us to BC to see a running woman”. Amazing work, my friend. The descriptive words you have used are wonderful.


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      How nice to hear from you Raymond. I am beaming at your compliments; they mean so much to me. I am glad to share a little piece of BC with readers here. Christyb waves hello from BC.


  2. Jane Carroll

    I love the images portrayed…I could see the scene in my mind’s eye. I feel the strength of the runner…a woman of age…still enjoying the moments of her life.



  3. Red

    What a sweet scene, Christy! I love to sit and people watch. It is fun to wonder what they are thinking. I think you have captured that exercise in poetic perfection!


  4. Dana

    Ah! Reading this poem works just as effectively as *actually* running, right? I know I’m feeling the burn! Great job, Christy. 😉


  5. Sue Dreamwalker

    Great poem that leaves us with Images on our mind..
    Today I drove past many who were out running.. all were women..
    I am happy to walk far these days… And I still do my stretching!! first thing in the morning!! 🙂 … And I visited Victoria BC to a wonderful place.. We went to Stanhope Gardens~ a Beautiful afternoon.. Like I said.. Memory is still sharp of all I did there … seems like only yesterday not 12 yrs ago…
    You have jogged a Dreamwalkers memory today Christy, Big time.. So a Double thank you! ~Sue xxx


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      How lovely Sue that I was able to bring back fond memories for you with this poem. That is a great compliment. If you return to visit, you are always welcome over for tea 🙂 Take care and enjoy your walks too. I love walking outdoors and looking at the wonder of nature around me.


  6. Joseph De Cross

    Good luck my sweet gal. Your smile make our day, Thanks to granny Norah that gave you a kind spirit. Niece piece of a running vision, taking me down to the land that saw you growing: Alberta BC


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Joseph, how nice to see you here and thank-you. I do miss grandma and it is nice to think I do take after her kind ways. We are in BC, which is beside the province of Alberta. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.



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