The Band Jars Of Clay Brings Hope with Music

Let’s get the Tuesday tunes going! Today we have “Flood” by Jars Of Clay. This single is one of my favourites from the rock band.


  • There is inspiration
  • The classical interlude at the two-minute mark
  • The way the song turns from fast, to slow, and then fast again. Like life, really. There is peace and then the “crashing waves” that Jars Of Clay sings about in the single.

Most of all, I like the repeating line “Lift me up” and the message of calling out for help from others. Asking for help from someone else is not a song of being weak, but instead is a great way to keep ourselves strong. Getting a new perspective can help give us hope and a shoulder to cry on as well.

Have a great day my poetic musical friends!


26 thoughts on “The Band Jars Of Clay Brings Hope with Music

  1. Julie Catherine

    Christy, there’s so much I don’t know about the contemporary music world … I tend to live in a classical cocoon, lol. I actually enjoyed this – especially the classical interlude, lol. Have a wonderful day, my friend! ~ Love, Julie xoxox


  2. Jeremy

    Cool! Some of my friends have been talking about Jars of Clay, but I never got around to listening to them before. I’ll make sure to check them out more in depth now!


  3. Dana

    Hey Christy– thanks for the reminder that asking for help is not always a sign of weakness. I need to remember that time and time again! πŸ™‚



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