Poetry: The Wind Is Kicking

Today I went for a walk and it was windy out there!

The trees in Victoria, BC, where I live, were swaying like they were ready for my Tunes With Tuesday feature!

Victoria, BC, Canada

A windy day in Victoria, BC, Canada.                ©2012 Christy Birmingham

Here is the poem I wrote after I returned from my walk:


The Wind Is Kicking

The wind is kicking

Up its leafy friends this afternoon,

As I walk against its force that sweeps up my

Regular exercise routine.

The routine is interrupted.


I push against the air to take my next step;

I can not see the force but

It holds me back,

Like my memories of you.


The wind brushes back my hair

Like you did before you touched my cheek –

Except I did not notice your gusts

Until its deforestation was noticed by others.

Your wind was interrupted.


Your own wind took on a bitter taste

And then vanished with the silence of

My empty kitchen and

My quiet mind.

My mind is thankful that the routine was interrupted.


I wish I could carry those memories away

With the wind,

And the consequences,

But then I wonder if I would enjoy those sunny days

Without having experienced the thunderstorms

And patches of blue sky.


©2012 Christy Birmingham


34 thoughts on “Poetry: The Wind Is Kicking

  1. Julie Catherine

    This is a wonderful poem, Christy – I love the way that you intertwined the relationship and nature; that’s a great combination, and really amplifies the emotion in this piece. (((Hugs, girlfriend))) Sending you lots of healing energies, hugs and love. ~ Julie xoxox


  2. theseekerwrites

    From all your work I have read this poem is my favourite, it makes me think. I also think the way you combined nature and relationship was excellent. I remember writing a poem once about the sea its my favourite place to go to think and I combined it with writing about being a writer, I must dig it out for you to read. Hope all is well with you.

    Ali x


  3. Valentine Logar

    You have been doing a wonderful job of intertwining your emotional responses to your observations and then to your inner life. The outcome in your poetry is lovely, heartbreaking at times like this one, but also with a hopefulness.


  4. Cynthia

    Hi, Christy. That was an intense and memorable read. You’ll certainly make me think differently about leaves today.


  5. Kelli Joan Bennett

    I love that you’re inspired to express your experience with nature through your poetry! Beautiful! Memories are as powerful as the wind. Keep walking in the wind and the storms and the blue skies and create new memories…and poems. 🙂


  6. rollyachabot

    Christy… Love this and the way that you brought life and nature into the same arena. They are so very intertwined… Nature has a peace about it that can touch us in the hard places and make them brighter… hugs


  7. mywithershins

    Lovely poem, Christy. I, too, like the way you have mixed the wind with memories.

    BTW, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you choose to accept it, the details are on my blog. 🙂


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Thanks Sue for stopping by, and for the award nomination as well! Wow, how nice and unexpected! I will be over to your post shortly 🙂 As well, I hope to have my answers to you soon for the interview.


  8. Jane Carroll


    I don’t know how I’ve missed this one. I always love your poetry…but this one is undoubtably my favorite. I love the images and the play between the force of the wind and memories. Beautiful!



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