Fiona Apple Sings And We Listen

ITunes Originals – Fiona Apple

ITunes Originals – Fiona Apple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is Tunes With Tuesday and I am featuring singer Fiona Apple.

She has such emotion in her voice, especially in this song. You can tell that she connects with the song, titled “Never Is A Promise”.

The music of “Never Is A Promise” is haunting in both its melody and its words. There are many layers:

  • Not being understood by someone who you know well
  • Being doubted by others
  • Not understanding our surroundings
  • Figuring out our own beliefs

Life really is a journey. We make and lose connections throughout our life. I like that Fiona Apple is featured in the video and there is little else around her. She is the focus, without big visual effects needed to make this video powerful. Her voice holds enough power on its own.

Take care my Poetic Friends,



39 thoughts on “Fiona Apple Sings And We Listen

        1. Cat Forsley

          Those are the only artists i can listen to – u know ……..
          I like quirk and idiosyncrasies
          i was looking at your gravatar and i was wondering what you do ?
          sorry for the ignorance ? hub pages ….
          i am kinda into social networking but
          not on fb or twitter – just youtube soundcloud linkedin myspace and here …and a few others ….
          what do you do CB- you smart cookie You 🙂


        2. Christy Birmingham Post author

          Well my dear I am a freelance writer. I write for several online and print publishers, including HubPages. I specialize in writing about social media and tips for writers. You will see more now that we are connected on Twitter! Are you on Google+ yet?


        3. Cat Forsley

          Oh yeah Twitter
          i just saw your response CB
          thx for the follow xx
          gonna get there – First coffee of the morning ………
          “Taste of the Danforth ” last night – Grogggy Cat ….
          That’s really cool about your writing 🙂 and you have poetry as well 🙂
          good for you !!!!!!!!!!!! multi talented
          multi tasking
          i tried Google + like a few months ago and just got crazy amounts of spam – and i signed off ….
          Twitter i can handle for sure ,…….
          FB no way ……… no thanks 🙂 lol
          i am super happy with my youtube and soundcloud and HERE!!!!!!! U know ?
          I always need balance in my life …… and yeah – maybe one day i will be able to press all those buttons !!!!!!! lol
          one nanosecond at a time 🙂
          love love love
          and good for you with the freelance writing ……
          That’s Fun
          if you are on linkedin
          i would love to connect there as well ,,,,,,,,xx
          Have a great weekend beauty xo
          and a little music from your CF
 Yay for you 🙂 feel like i have known you for a looong time …….
          my initials are CB too u know ….
          i was married – now divorced – Catherine Bolduc Forsley …. 🙂 XOXOXOXOXOXOOX


        4. Christy Birmingham Post author

          Great to connect with you in Twitter land! I understand that we each have the social media sites we like! Glad we will be interacting in other spaces now too. I left you a comment on your YouTube song that you linked in the comment – love it! When I pressed enter, the post said ‘pending approval’. I wanted to show you I like your music and support you 🙂


        5. Cat Forsley

          And i am super gratefulllllllllllllllll 4 You 🙂 seriously ……………… You are so sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          i just saw – thank You xo
          super kind ….xo
          Thank you angel girl xo


  1. granbee

    ChristyB, the issues addressed in this music are much the same as I experienced until I started blogging and sharing what is in my heart with so many of you dear blogging friends out there.


  2. Sue Dreamwalker

    A beautiful Song that you have shared here Christy.. Life is indeed a wonderful journey, Love that I am sharing my own journey with so many wonderful people … Hugs to you my friend Sue xx


  3. lscotthoughts

    I really enjoyed this song, it’s message and her voice, Christy. I also agree with you about singing in a video and the soloist being the main focus. Thanks for sharing! xo


  4. Tobias

    I do know someone who is going through very stormy weather in her life. Although I will probably never truly understand what she is going through I know I will always truly keep her in my heart as I know she has a beautiful soul.

    Christy, thank you for sharing this song and it reminds me of her and why I will never give up believing in her.

    As I have a promise to keep her.



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