Awesomeness With The Black Keys: Music Time!

Tighten Up (The Black Keys song)

Tighten Up (The Black Keys song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, The Black Keys are awesome. They are a rock duo originally from the US that are fan favourites across the nation. Yes, this Canadian gal likes them as well!

Today’s Tunes With Tuesday post is Tighten Up by The Black Keys.

The video is well-done, set in a playground and has a story attached that matches the lyrics. I laugh at the three-minute mark when a pretty lady enters the playground. Watch and see what happens.

One reason I like this song is that the voices are genuine. I can tell that the singers aren’t trying to do great tricks with their voices or use fancy electronic machines to sound even better. They are themselves. That is a message that I think is very important. Be yourself.

You are enough.

Have a great (rocking) Tuesday!


22 thoughts on “Awesomeness With The Black Keys: Music Time!

  1. Marc Phillippe Babineau

    I am learning so much about music i would otherwise never hear! I don’t listen to the radio much anymore since there is just way too much advertising and chit chat, jokes, etc,, but now i may just start turning on some radio stations while tapping away in the laptop instead of the ole’ Bowie, Dead and Zeppelin CDs…


  2. Dana

    Would you believe that was my very first time listening to the Black Keys? I’m so behind the times! Thanks for keeping me up to speed, Christy. 🙂



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