Folk Music At The Table

Bon Iver

Bon Iver (Photo credit: shelmac)


Today is Tunes With Tuesday and I am bringing to the table Indie folk music. The song is Holocene (Deluxe) by Bon Iver.

For anyone not yet familiar with Bon Iver, they are an American folk band who won the Grammy award for Best New Artist earlier this year.

Today I am bringing a calm sort of dessert with a side of folk. If you like, you can drizzle with chocolate to taste.

Sit back, sip a cup of tea, and enjoy the gentle sounds of Bon Iver.



21 thoughts on “Folk Music At The Table

  1. mywithershins

    I love the plucked steel guitar strings, the harmonized voices entwined with the roll of waves and the drip of icicles, the addition of a snare drum, ice-covered branches and treetop silhouettes. Lovely choice, Christy! 🙂


  2. TZM

    The song is as lovely and calming which is reminding me how a person can sleep next to the powerful ocean’s shore and hear the waves crash and lap against the sand.

    thank you for the share.. very nice.


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