Parts and Oil: A Poem

Thanks everyone for your kind comments about my cold / bug / sick period… I am still a little on the yucky side but getting better each day. I need a shot of ‘Bug Be Gone’!

Here is my latest poem. Now stay healthy!

This is christyb telling you to stay healthy πŸ™‚

violin scroll

violin scroll (Photo credit: mitch98000)

Parts and Oil

Parts of me play you over in my mind

Like a string on a violin,

With music that is haunting and

Sour as a lemon –

How did you peel me without my ever knowing?


Sometimes you somersault through my dreams

And I awake with your voice whispering in my ear –

How do you talk to me without being in the room?


Your strings wrapped around my tuning pegs

(Past Tense)

As you wrapped your arms around my waist

And squeezed,

Seeping oil of memories all over my pillow now

While your arms stillΒ somersaultΒ through my mind.


Β©2012 Christy Birmingham


41 thoughts on “Parts and Oil: A Poem

  1. Charron's Chatter

    Awesome love poem. It’s tricky to convey such and remain universally appealing–but you’ve nailed it. I also really enjoy its length. 3 or 4 stanzas–barring limericks–is my own favorite #. Why belabor it, you know? Anyway. In fine form whether sick or well, your sentences are great! (and thank you! πŸ˜‰


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      I know what you mean Karren. Sometimes a really long poem is not one I have time to read and need to mark to read later. I think you and I have similar poetry ideas and I love your quirky style too!


  2. Sue Dreamwalker

    Happy you feeling brighter Christy, and loved how you put about the sour lemon and peeling… :-)…
    I always make lemon tea with fresh lemons to help me over a cold.. But touch Wood( she says touching her head) I havent had a proper cold in 3 yrs… Touch wood!!!

    Have a good evening ~Sue


      1. Marc Phillippe Babineau

        I hope your camera never leaves your side when you go out! You had some great pictures going for a while there! Some pics of the area, like hotels, parks, restaurants, etc. would be great for Travel Destination articles at Helium!

        AND – do a whales/seals/other sea creatures blog with pics of what you see around your little island paradise! Would be a popular blog!


        1. Christy Birmingham Post author

          Hey Marc, yes I often have camera with me as you never know when a photo-worth occasion will arise. Do you take photos often? I wish I had time for another blog but at the moment I contribute to three websites in addition to the blog. Perhaps when all slows down one day. Thanks for the comments and great to see you!


  3. TZM

    Excellent writing Christy, I still don’t know how you can do such great work. I have a much better appreciation for poetry since I have started reading your blog.

    Glad you are on the mend πŸ™‚


  4. Julie Catherine

    So glad to hear you’re starting to feel better, Christy – and this is an awesome poem, I love this! ~ Love and hugs from Julie πŸ™‚ xox


  5. Aquileana

    This poem is beautiful dear Christy… The last stanza stands out ❀
    Thanks for sharing this one on Twitter so I could get to it… Very nice! ⭐
    Have a great week ahead… Much love, Aquileana~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Ohhh so nice! This poem is included in Pathways to Illumination and it’s part of the tougher phase of the book. Really great you came back to read this one after seeing the Twitter note about it. Thank you very much!! Love Chris


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Thank you, Michelle Marie. This was an earlier poem of mine and yes I’ve felt much better since then ❀ You are wonderful to come and read this one, you shining light you! Hugs


      1. MichelleMarie

        Oh good. I wanted to read your blog last night! I like to do that when I catch up and see what you are up to! I’m happy you feel better! You are so sweet Christy! Your light shines out no matter what Hugs to you! ❀ Hope your Monday is going well! πŸ˜€



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