All In The Rhythm Program Combines Poetry and Music

The Cloud Shadow (Anti-Crepuscular Rays)

Let’s get our creativity on! Β The Cloud Shadow (Anti-Crepuscular Rays) (Photo credit: Jason A. Samfield)

I heard about this program today and wanted to share, as it involves poetry. Do I like poetry? Do you? Hellllo! (I furiously nod)

My Resource Cloud explains about the event, titled “All In The Rhythm”. Two professional poets are working on methods to strengthen literacy among young people. The tool used is creativity! The results will be poems written by the youth.

Wait, it gets better.

How about the program combines poetry with music? I know my friend Cat will be excited about this one. Are you too? (I furiously nod)

The young people will be able to take their creative poems to a recording facility to mix the poetic words with rap music. While I want to write here that I would have been stoked for this opportunity in my youth, I admit that I am also very fond of the idea in my 30’s today!

The two poets who will form a vital role in “All In The Rhythm” are Daniela Hoche and Christopher D. Sims.

Below is a YouTube! video about Christopher D. Sims. I also post the link to the Resource Cloud article which includes more details about the program and the poets.


15 thoughts on “All In The Rhythm Program Combines Poetry and Music

  1. Marc Phillippe Babineau

    Wowsers! This is a GREAT idea! it should be in every city, like the MuchMusic video booths in the 1980’s… Do you plan on making some of your own? Would be a great second page for Poetic Parfait, maybe “Poetic Opportunities, re: Rap, or “PORR”, as in “PORR some luvin’ on me” – by Bon Jovi…)??? I’d check it out daily!


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Hey Marc, yes I am looking at ways to expand Poetic Parfait. I will continue to submit my own poems but may add in pieces of poetry-related news I hear about too. I wish I could rap so that I could contribute to this program! So far no offers LOL


  2. Julie Catherine

    Oooooh, I likey likey! As Marc says, this is a great idea! Really need to check this one out … thanks so much for this really inspiring post! πŸ˜€


      1. Julie Catherine

        Hmmmmmmmm, packing got a bit derailed today – I somehow wrenched my back in my sleep and woke up screaming from pain at 5 am today … but I did meet some writing deadlines instead – can’t keep me down for long, lol! I’m resting tonight, and will try again with the packing tomorrow. πŸ™‚ xox


  3. mywithershins

    What a fabulous idea! I was in a classroom a couple of years ago where the teacher was working a similar idea into her program to encourage reluctant students to think of poetry in a musical or ‘rap’ way. It was interesting to see what the kids came up with. πŸ™‚


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