Twitter Talks Labor Day

Happy Labor Day my poetic peeps!

I am on Twitter and seeing many shout outs for the holiday. At Poetic Parfait, we can shout as loud as them!

This is christyb wishing you a great Labor Day.

I took some of the Tweets and turned them into a poem for today. Below I posted the original Tweets and then the poem I created by combining the words. Twitter-esque poetry!

Original Tweets:

Labor Day TrackNation Tweet

Labor Day is about track… Random.

Labor Union Labor Day Tweet

Let’s get our Labor Union on!

No Complaints Labor Day Tweet

Hey, Labor Day is a day off!

Twitter, Attitude, and Labor Day

The Track is down and here is the Twitter feed,

Chatting about Labor Day as a day off work and more.

Today’s holiday is brought to you by the labor movement and

There are no complaints,

Though not everyone thinks of it as more than a day off!

Happy Labor Day to you

(Oh and Woohoo),

Enjoy the day as you run through life

And remember the workers who helped bring us this day.


©2012 Christy Birmingham


27 thoughts on “Twitter Talks Labor Day

  1. Julie Catherine

    Hey Christy, I like this – what an awesome idea! But girlfriend, you’re a Canadian, eh? What’s with “Labor” instead of “Labour”? LOL! Just sayin’ … and teasing, hehehe. Have a wonderful one, my friend! I’m pacing packing and writing … lots of deadlines to meet this month! ~ Love and hugs xoxox


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      LOL Julie! I knew one of my Canadian pals would see the change in spelling. I used the American spelling of Labor as I have more US followers than Canadian. Glad you didn’t hold it against me 🙂 Hugs xx


      1. Julie Catherine

        Naw, you know I’m just funnin’ you, lol! I actually interchange the spelling on lots of words depending on who the audience is! Tee hee! 🙂 Hugs backatchya! xoxox


  2. raymond alexander kukkee

    Christyb, you have such a NEAT way of taking both the ordinary and the contrary and turning it into beautiful poetry with timeless messages. You ARE good, my friend! “:)

    “Christyb may leave the “u” out of labour, but she doesn’t leave YOU out of her poetry”….



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