Muse Sings About Madness, With A Great Beat!

Rock music badges 2

Rock music badges 2 (Photo credit: jovike)

Muse is an English band that recently caught my attention with their single Madness. Once you press play, I am no longer responsible for how this electronic beat will get into your head.

I found myself having difficulty describing the type of music created by Muse. While the start of Madness is reminiscent of techno, the rest of the song becomes slower yet also hints of rock music. I did some digging (online, not in the cookie jar) and found that Muse is described as singing in a variety of genres:

  • Electronica
  • Alternative Rock
  • Progressive Rock
  • And the list continues. No wonder I was confused.

Madness has a swift beat and I… Sorry I have to go now to listen to the song again.

This is christyb wishing you a music-filled day.


25 thoughts on “Muse Sings About Madness, With A Great Beat!

  1. Julie Catherine

    Okay now, I really liked that – played it twice! LOL! (Notice that my blog features are called, “Muse-Sings”? hehehe) 😀 xox


  2. mywithershins

    Love the graphics of the video and the music is upbeat without being a dance tune and I find that, whatever that weird instrument is, is kind of cool. The electric guitar is great, too. 🙂


  3. Tessa

    Wow, I am so surprised I actually liked this. As the song progressed, the music getting more upbeat, I really enjoyed it and the ‘word messaging’ started making sense. Thanks for taking me out of my norm. It also helped that the singer had such a soft pleasing tone, that kept me listening which was tough at first.


  4. Dana

    Finally– a band I have actually listened to before! Marty introduced me to Muse about 5 or so years ago. They’re pretty dramatic-sounding, but in the best possible sense of the term. 🙂



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