Poem: A Trampoline of Words

With safety nets, the risk of falling off the ...

With safety nets, the risk of falling off the trampoline is reduced. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had the image of a trampoline in my head and turned the imagery into a poem today. Have you ever had a word get stuck in your head?

A Trampoline of Words

I bounce on a trampoline of words,

My bare feet hitting the surface like the point of a pen and

Dipping down to start etching the words are my toes –

Before they spring fast into the air as I bounce above

The trampoline.

With each jump the words bounce from all sides of me,

Consonants and letter ‘I’s without the need for

Anything else. My mouth opens and a

Glorious noise escapes, followed by laughter

While the sunshine heats up my lounge chair

Waiting patiently at the side for me.

©2012 Christy Birmingham


39 thoughts on “Poem: A Trampoline of Words

  1. Julie Catherine

    This is so cool, Christy – love how your words bounce along with you! And love your ‘uniqueness’ of writing style! If you don’t mind, I’ll pull up a chair alongside yours and just watch you – and wait patiently. LOL. (I’m hiding under a blanket of pain right now, but more cool news has me bouncing on the inside – watch for the post, hehehe.) Love and hugs xoxox


  2. Michellina Van loder

    Yes, I’ve had ‘hyperbolic’ stuck in mine; the last one was ‘onomatopoeic’; and over winter, it was (two actually) ‘solstice moon’, and they snuck their way into every poem I wrote too! I could be wrong, but I think your trampoline poem may be an ‘Ars poetic’ type of poem meaning a poem about poetry?


  3. TZM

    Great poem Christy, very original and inspiring thoughts (again) from you. Leaves many vivid images in my mind and also put a smile on my face. 🙂


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