What A Day

Today has so many meanings attached and I debated whether to post. Then I read the poem in this post and wanted to share. This Tuesday I skip the tunes feature but offer a poem to inspire instead.

writing with both sides of my brain

Thank you all for your patience with me at this time of extreme business and little inspiration 🙂  If you follow my other blog, you may skip this, but I wanted to share it with those who do not follow over there because it is about 9/11.  You can find the post here if interested.  If not continue to the poem below.

And Yet

Standing tall

Above the crowds

Proud and distinct

An invincible

beacon of strength

And yet

We watched you fall

A horrific event

Death stood in your place

You were defeated

And yet

From the burning ashes

Arose a spirit of hope

and fellowship

as a people stood tall

in your place

that day.

What has this event inspired in you?

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