Poetry Is Included In the 2012 National Book Festival

National Book Festival 2012, after Rafael López

National Book Festival 2012, after Rafael López (Photo credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com)

I read an article today about the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C. later this month. The article made me smile.

No, I didn’t smile because of a ticket to the event. I do not live close by. In fact, I live in another country Canada! Instead, I smiled because poetry is included in this major literary event. This is the 12th year for the Library of Congress event.

Back to my smile.

You see, I always worry that poetry will be overlooked by longer works of prose. I sometimes wonder whether people are so taken with gadgets that they will not try their own hand at writing poetry or taking a read. Events like the 2012 National Book Festival ensure that the poetry genre continues to be strong in terms of both writers and readers.

I attach the link to the festival details below.  The specific link is the itinerary for September 22, which is the first day of the annual event.

The first day begins with Poetry Out Load, a 45 minute session in which high school students will read poetry. The goal, according to the post, is for students to learn more about poetry and also practice public-speaking skills and improve their self-confidence. I think the students who participate, both as speakers and in the audience, will be much richer for the experience.

This is christyb wishing you a day full of poetry.


22 thoughts on “Poetry Is Included In the 2012 National Book Festival

  1. mywithershins

    That’s so interesting that the National Book Festival in Washington is being held the same week as Manitoba’s Thin Air Writer’s Festival. We feature a lot of poetry, too, since a good percentage of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild members are poets. We have a School Stage program that classes are welcomed to come and hear writer’s read and talk about their writing, inviting questions. They will not, unfortunately, be hosting a program where students read their own stuff.


  2. auvergnewrites

    I agree Christy! Very nice for poets everywhere! Poetry must be recognized as a valuable genre of the written or spoken word.


  3. Charron's Chatter

    You know what’s great about good poetry? The reader gets a nugget of goodness–wisdom, philsophy, emotion…what have you, for very little investment. No commitment to numerous pages of a book, no 2 and a half hours watching TV, no give & take of conversation and no homework later on…by that yardstick it’s the best literature there is! Power to the Poem!


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