Poetry: A Soul of Sand

All About Soul

All About Soul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Soul of Sand

If my soul is made of sand

Then I know I can pull together the grains

To create a mountain of spirit and an open heart

In the form of a sandcastle with a moat.

Listen to the waves as they lap at the shore,

At my elbow,

And call for brighter times ahead of me.

If my soul is made of sand

I see shores that stretch for miles with hope.


©2012 Christy Birmingham


48 thoughts on “Poetry: A Soul of Sand

  1. Julie Catherine

    Christy, I love this! Soul of sand, mountain of spirit and shores of hope … you can sift the sand so all that remains is what you wish to remain, mould it to whatever form you want, and change its shape and scope as often as you desire. Uplifting words from the heart of a poet. Just lovely. ~ Sending love and hugs, Julie xoxox


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