Flight of the Relationship: A Poem

Flight Photos

Poem Flight of the Relationship. Flight Photos (Photo credit: coolmikeol)

On the radio this morning, I heard the song Co-Pilot, by Kristina Maria featuring Corneille. It’s an upbeat song that likens a relationship to an airplane flight.

I got stuck on the word co-pilot and decided to write a related poem. Funny how a certain word can stuck in my head and my mind starts toΒ wander…

Flight of the Relationship

You take my hand and pull me to your lap,

A lap that starts in luxury with

A first-class flight to my heart.


I tell you I have issues and you laugh,

Saying you have heard that before

(And I have also heard this response).


You whisper in my ear that I will have fun,

And I worry because airplane windows do not open

For fresh air

(And fresh perspective).


I touch your arm and then notice my fingers

Trembling, and

I realize I am unable to trust my own hand’s guidance

On this flight.


I look to you for support

You, the pilot, and

You tell me to buckle up for the flight.


You say I am a co-pilot

(Which makes me shudder even more).


You say the plane will depart soon

And I clutch at the side of the seat, worried that

I will not be able to make the landing

Under the pressure of being a co-pilot.


Β©2013 Christy Birmingham


Co-Pilot, Kristina Maria ft. Corneille


So tell me…Β Do you ever get a word stuck in your head?


39 thoughts on “Flight of the Relationship: A Poem

  1. raymond alexander kukkee

    Fascinating poem, Christyb, interesting analogy–where do you come up with these wonderful ideas? There’s nothing like a copilot with a giant heart and brains too! I admire your poetic pov of life. “:) “Christyb smiles as she gracefully flies the skies of the mind”….


  2. rollyachabot

    Hi Christy… M & M’s come to mind every time I read one of your poems. Yes words do stick and I think it important we find a way to share them. Have no fear Christy… you can land any plane.

    Hugs From Alberta


  3. Cat Forsley

    Love It ………………… i’d never heard That song before πŸ™‚ lol what ? xx
    really interesting way of looking at relationship πŸ™‚
    reminds me of “Passenger seat ” by Death Cab for Cutie πŸ™‚ one of my faves x
    Music and words art and relationship
    Those are words stuck in my head πŸ™‚ lol xoxoxo
    Lots of Love xxxx C


  4. Julie Catherine

    Awesome poem, Christy! This line really resonated with me: “I realize I am unable to trust my own hand’s guidance” … the ability to trust not only another person, but to be able to trust ourselves; our instincts, our hearts … that is not always such an easy thing, especially when trust has been broken in the past. Beautifully written, my dear poetic friend! ~ Love and hugs, Julie xoxox


  5. Charron's Chatter

    I really liked the line about the airplane window not opening. All that stale perspective! πŸ˜‰ Also: part of me wants to yell: grab the wheel! And another part fears the co-piloting itself. Great write, Christy Bee!


  6. Aquileana

    What a Wonderful poem, Christy…
    I really enjoyed reading words from the tomes we haven’ t still met. The metaphor of a flowing relationship or the flight of a relationship is trily evocative. Not sure of you are the co-pilot though… (Maybe the pilot instead)…
    Let It be, let i flow and above All let It fly high above ( tricky game of words).
    Best wishes from Aquileana πŸ™‚


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Aqui, thank-you for your continued support and friendship! So nice you took a ride back (we can pilot together!) and we were able to meet at this early poem of mine. I am glad you commented here as it’s wonderful to see you πŸ™‚



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