When New Beginnings Begin

Beginnings (collection)

New Beginnings Poetry. Beginnings (collection) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I think of new beginnings. I wonder is there a limit to the number that we have.

If there is a limit, what is the number? Does it vary by person?

These questions arose in my mind this morning, while sipping tea, as I read the post Starting Over on Colline’s Blog. In her post, Colline discusses what “Starting Over” means. She explains that the term’s definition ranges from a new beginning after a relationship ends to a new project after the previous one did not succeed.

Here is a poem I wrote, after reading Colline’s post:

New Beginnings Begin

Let us start anew

(It is a new day, after all, and the sun is shining)

With a fresh to-do list and

New frame of mind,

A frame made of sturdy wood and

Constructed from years of mistakes.


I am ready to start,

Though I have to count back the years

Of times I chose to begin again and

Times the goals crumbled like undercooked pie crust

While my heart hardened like a burnt cookie.


Will I succeed this time around?

Will I make it to the top of the podium or miss out on a medal?

Will I be disqualified at the start and

Told I have tried too many times in my short life?


There are so many questions and

I am looking online for the answers –

However, all I find is more scenarios, more things to ask,

More people who also want to begin with new beginnings

And want to bake their crust anew.


©2013 Christy Birmingham


What are your thoughts on new beginnings? Is there a limit to how many fresh starts we have in our lives?


33 thoughts on “When New Beginnings Begin

  1. Colline

    Love your poem Christy. You have captured my feelings of starting over in a nutshell: whether it is moving countries, starting a new project, starting a new friendship, beginning a recipe again when it flops. Thank you.


  2. Judith C Evans

    Love the image “heart hardened like a burnt cookie”…reminds me that the sweetness of a new beginning can be lost if we ignore it. But there are always more fresh starts! Thanks for this delightful poem!


  3. Valentine Logar

    This hit between the eyes today Christy as the idea of starting over has been with me for awhile now. I don’t think there are limits to how many times we reinvent ourselves or start over. Unless we impose these upon ourselves.


  4. Julie Catherine

    Another excellent poem, Christy – and I agree with Francina here, that every morning is an opportunity for a new beginning! 😛 Love your poem – kind of have a craving for a slice of pie now though, lol! Have a terrific day, my dear friend! Love and hugs from Julie xoxox



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