Tab This, With Poetry

web browsers

Web browsers and poetry (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Today I am making a conscious effort not to have as many tabs open on my browser Google Chrome that I usually do. I find that my computer slows down when I have (many) tabs open.

Yet it seems to be happening again this morning… I need another tab to see an article to read and one more to share the article, and then there is…

Here is a fun poem for our busy days and, yes, it’s all about those browser tabs!


To Tap The Tab

Today I tabulate the reasons to restrict the number of tabs

On my computer’s browser

(Which is growing sick of my constant browsing)

As I do not really need ten tabs open at once –

Even if each post, music video, and contest entry is

Important to me.


You see, my poor browser

(Perhaps we should label her high brow)

Is growing tired of my constant searches, and

She wishes I would slow down

And simply open and close one screen at a time.


I beg her to keep up the pace with me

But I think she is getting dehydrated,

That photo on Google+ yesterday caused her to crash

And I had to give her a reboot that cost me some time.


Today IΒ solemnlyΒ swear

(I was a Girl Guide you know)

To limit the number of tabs, I pinky swear, and

You can tabulate the results at the end of the day.


I’ll slow down for a minute or two,

To allow my browser a breath or two,

And at the third breath I’ll head off for another screen,

Another line to read, video to watch, and social screen to browse.


So browser and I are heading off for the day, and

We’ll see you at the tab around the corner,

With a breath, a new screen, and learning in pocket,

A cup of tea by the keyboard

And a bit more space to squeeze in that extra tab too.


Β©2013 Christy Birmingham


This is christyb opening another tab to play the music video for Good Time

Music Video >> Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time


38 thoughts on “Tab This, With Poetry

  1. raymond alexander kukkee

    Great poem, too funny, Christy b Tabitha, the more tabs the merrier, as long as you don’t mind going slow in that relationship with your browser…Let’s open another tab instead of worrying about it. What you need is more RAM memory added to your computer–that will solve the 7-tab slowdown…until you open a whole lot more. “:)


  2. Jeff

    I love the poem. I can’t help it…I always seem to have at least three tabs open at once. I need my email, and I need Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, and my regular Facebook page, and these blogs, and…and…arggghh!!! Hahahah…


  3. P Pongs

    What’s the rule of Poetry?
    Different from prose, Christy?
    Or anything else I don’t know.
    You’d comment on ’em though.


  4. CanDo Jack

    40 years of programming makes me want to suggest a fix.
    40 years as a user + poet makes me want to appreciate the poem
    80 percent of me wants to bet that this poem will expand or have a sequel
    Good work, thanks!


  5. Charron's Chatter

    Sometimes, the top of my screen looks like the ends of a rag rug! Multi-colored and faceted. I loved the breath of air you and you browser are going to take together–really brings the anthropomorphism across. Maybe a gulp of printer ink would cure her dry-mouth, ha-ha. Our computers are a lot like our cars, anymore, aren;t they. Very personal. And a way to journey to distant places. You can bet I have …uh…some feathers (that’s it!) hanging from my rear view! πŸ˜‰ See you on tomorrow’s tab…


  6. Tessa

    Love the picture I am getting of you in ‘your tabby world’! I cranked up the Carly Rae song…. and tried to imagine Tabitha with her cup of tea…nothing but good times rang through here. LOL.


  7. rollyachabot

    Hi Christy… I think I lost a comment… Just saying I can hear it all now when you have a crash… “Oh Tab.”…

    Mac lets you open all day and all night and never falters…

    Hugs from a fellow tabber



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