Lost and Needs a Home: A Poem

Lost City Museum @lostcitymuseum

Poetry about being lost. Lost City Museum in Overton, Nevada,

(planeta, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr)

Have you ever felt lost, in an emotional way?

This morning I was listening to the Mariana’s Trench song, Haven’t Had Enough. I was inspired by the lines in the Bridge of the song and wrote this poem. Here is the Bridge (aka my inspiration):

Well I just wish we could go back one more time,
And begin it,
Back before I lost myself somewhere,
Somewhere in it.

The YouTube video for Haven’t Had Enough follows my poem below.

Lost and Needs a Home

Lost, you can tell me I’m lost,

But I’m fine with that

(It’s a real find),

You see there is a bin in the corner where

I can join the single glove, umbrella,

And pen,

Who have no home either,

Soon to be missed by their owners.


I’ll take that place over this table,

Where you stare at your cell phone to

Avoid my hazel eyes

(Although I avoid yours first)

And wonder if I would be a better pair for that glove

Than for you.


Perhaps I am more likely to fit in that bin

Than in your life?

You may think I’ve lost it –

But really I just realized where my home really is.


Β©2013 Christy Birmingham


YouTube Video for Mariana’s Trench – Haven’t Had Enough


46 thoughts on “Lost and Needs a Home: A Poem

  1. Charron's Chatter

    luv the tongue in cheek penultimate line, and the analogy altogether. Also, I really like the choice of: “glove” so similar to love, as a missing item…I think there’s something there, for sure!!


  2. Janine Huldie

    You know I am a huge fan of your poetry and for some reason this one reminded me of my past boyfriend and how I felt as that relationship was indeed coming to a close. Beautiful and loved the analogy here.


  3. Dana

    Just peeking in to say hello, Christy! I hope things are well with you. Another interesting poem– I like how you posted your inspiration for it as well. Cheers to you!


  4. raymond alexander kukkee

    Christyb, you just cannot stop creating cleverly crafted, beautiful and above all, unique poetry, can you? I hope you’re going to publish a book including all of these amazing poems. Wonderful, poignant, different, unusual stuff! Your poetic voice is joy that must emanate from a wonderful, unusual –and very unique soul.


  5. Eric Alagan

    I believe we are never lost – though we might think we are. Because, we are right where our God wants us to be. I am never lost – because He is with me.
    All good wishes,
    P/s I like the image. So, they lost the city museum huh? LOL


  6. nadine sellers

    definitely the grounds for a song..you are never lost as long as you have your thoughts to carry you from vision to vision.
    i almost hear your drum beat, a soft and distinct gentle voice.
    thanks for the museum pic, the very image of my years in the great basin deserts.


  7. Aquileana

    Hi Christy;

    What a nice poem…I loved the first lines of the poem…
    Such a great Truth: “To be lost is a real find” …
    And the best way to find oneself is to look into the otherΒ΄s eyes (hazel eyes!)…
    Great imagery built through the ideas of the people and places to which we belong. Membership certainly comes from within…

    Many hugs, Aquileana πŸ˜€



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