I'm Alive Poem

Celebrate Life. Arms Outstretched.                apparena, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr

Fall Away

I’m alive,

Healthy not homely

And lively not loveless.


Fall away from my heart


Like shingles past their age of purpose.

My roof is new

As I build new walls

(A fresh coat of paint on the front door)

And no stop sign at the end of the road.

Here I am

Reaching for the chances

And throwing out the worries

Of the other life

And the house that was never a home.


©2013 Christy Birmingham



36 thoughts on “Fall Away: A Poem

  1. rlloydmyers

    A beautiful poem, Christy. You most certainly have a touching way with words. The ending was great and I always look forward to reading your poetry. My friends would think that is a very curious statement, as I’m not regarded as a poetry person, in spite of having one poem published around 23 or so years ago. Thank you for yet another awesome rendering. It is a pleasure to know you, Ms. Birmingham. 🙂


  2. Deborah

    I’m so happy to have found your blog! Thanks for sharing your beautiful expression of hope and rebirth! I’m also going to follow. Looking forward to more!


  3. raymond alexander kukkee

    This is rebirth with purpose, Christyb,,,beautifully spoken. “a fresh coat of paint on the front door” says it all. You have such a wonderful way with words. Great poem, and wise observation of life–‘know thyself and move on’ comes to mind.


  4. Julie Catherine

    You are coming back strong, dear friend – a cleansing rebirth and empowering statement that is wonderful to see! Kudos, love your awesome poem! 🙂 Love and hugs, Julie xoxox


  5. Charron's Chatter

    I meant to comment on this when I initially read it–got caught up in one of the myriad tabs open up top, I suppose…wink-wink. What stands out to me is the one word lines–the directives to get out of your head, basically. They stop the flow with a slamming door & pointing finger–and the pick up therefrom is perfect for the mood created.


      1. Deborah

        That is so true about writing. Writing is more than an expression of our thoughts and ideas, it’s discovering them to begin with. I think that’s where much of the power of writing comes from–the discovery! You seem to be able to discover amazing things AND express them for others to also experience their power. 🙂


  6. Tessa

    This poem definitely gets more powerful from start to finish. Strength, determination…not looking back at the old…onwards to the new rebuilding. Very powerful message of hope and determination for not settling anymore. Loved it.



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