I just have to Reblog this one! Karen, the writer for Charron’s Chatter, is such a witty writer. Whether she presents poetry, limericks, or (in this case) humorous images, her work is always top-notch. Thank-you Karen for this post that makes me laugh so much! I am happy to share with you all, my poetic peeps!

Charron's Chatter

Some of you might be wondering what qualifies me to write such an absurd mish-mash of genres. Limericks…randoms…poetry…fiction. What do I know about editorials anyway? Or bumper stickers for that matter.  Of course, some of you prolly couldn’t give two licks what my qualifications are, but I’m sick of rethinking the alphabet, so today I’m going to paper this post with my pretend pedigree, to assure all those playing along at home that I am both a highly—and a qualified—professional.

Okay, Okay. I admit this was strictly honorary.


The test is written in quatrains!

Degree of Sep_border

I got this long-distance!

Pro Purple_use_this one

All the Bells & Whistles.


Now those are some Memes! I was also going to post a B.S., but it seems the teensiest bit redundant. 😉

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  1. Julie Catherine

    Loved this, I reblogged it, too – too good not to! And I want those degrees! 🙂 Thanks so much for the intro to Charron, Christy, am going to check out the rest of her posts! 🙂 xoxox



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