My Sleeve: In a Poem

Aftur Sleeve Progress

Knitting a sleeve, with poetry.            Aftur Sleeve Progress (Photo credit: LollyKnit)

My Sleeve

My heart pins to my sleeve,

Booming so loudly,

An electronic song I can’t turn off

Every time the hope of love enters the room.


Sometimes the entrance is grand

With every lady turning her head to see him,

While other times he hides,

Cowering behind the buffet table,

While I notice the freckle on his left cheek

And the sadness in his eyes.


There were months when blood

Seeped from my pin cushion

And tears wet my sleeve instead of my heart.

There were months when memories of you

Stood taller than I

And the doorway had room for only you.


Some days I still roll up my sleeve and

Stay a little longer under the bed sheets

(Can you blame me, I ask),

While other mornings I feel my feet float along

Without a single direction from me,

Leading me to hallways without frowns

And without you.


My heart swells and I turn to the doorway

Looking for hope

Without looking for guidance

As I roll down my sleeve like a random dice

Looking for hope without frowns or you.


©2013 Christy Birmingham


This is christyb hoping you have a wonderful doorway ahead of you.


YouTube video for Say by John Mayer


40 thoughts on “My Sleeve: In a Poem

  1. Cat Forsley

    beautiful in a tangible way that moves me – big time ……………………….:) ………… perfect ending with “Say ” ………….. love love love xo C


  2. graypoet

    Thank you… it hit the spot. There are too many that wear their heart on their sleeve only to have someone take advantage, this I know. But what would life be if we never took the chance.


  3. jeff fedor

    Is love the illusion that we can not touch until we are at peace with our self,or is Love nothing but a state in the mind with no substance,only a illusion its self.


  4. rlloydmyers

    You have a bottomless well of talent, Christy and seem to always knock it out of the park. I am not generally a poem person (in spite of having had one published) but I always look forward to your literary treats. Congratulations on another heartfelt and poignant rendering, Ms. Birmingham! See ya next time 🙂


  5. Miles To Go

    So many of us wear our hopes, desires and dreams on our sleeve. It is dangerous a lot of times, to be out there, so much in the open, and yet the adventure and the aspiration is all worth it in the end. Thanks for the beautifully captured emotions.


  6. Charron's Chatter

    So many layers of feeling, thought and experience–how affairs of the heart wend and stop, start and drop off, and all over again. Super DUPER stuff, X–I can’t single one thing out especially, because it is such a tight weave of entendre and imagery and that man/woman thang. Awesome write. …


  7. Tessa

    Beautiful poem and the song choice…a perfect harmony. Your talent for putting into words experiences felt…is a magical gift. Keep sharing these treasures with us, it’s a chest we open expecting excellence, and we are never disappointed. LOL.


  8. Audra Leigh Fisher

    Beautiful in every way dear friend! Love this poem! So much to say but tidy and so heartfelt. It is hard to wear your heart on your sleeve…glad you did in this though.



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