Bring Evanescence to the Music Table

Cover of the Evanescence single "Bring Me...

Cover of the Evanescence single “Bring Me to Life”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Music time, woot!

When I say “music”, you say “woot”!

Yes, it’s Tunes with Tuesday and today we have American rockers Evanescence at the music table. The song is Bring Me To Life.

The drums and guitars will help get us through the week, as well the song’s great message!

Have you ever felt like you are just moving through life, without being in the driver’s seat? Have you felt like you are in a routine and not enjoying the days anymore?Β When I listen to the lyrics of this song, I think of someone who is crying out for help and crying out to feel passion again for life.

The lyrics are powerful. Here are a few of my favorite lines:

“How can you see into my eyes like open doors?”

“Breathe into me and make me real”

“I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems”


Enjoy the music, my friends, and enjoy the day – feel the power of the song as you embrace the power of your day! -christyb

Evanescence – Bring Me To Life


37 thoughts on “Bring Evanescence to the Music Table

  1. Daughter of Maat

    I love Evanescence! Bring Me to Life is one of my favorites! I think there’s another song on that CD called Wings? Not sure, but it’s like the second to last, or last song and it’s also a favorite. Awesomesauce!


      1. Cat Forsley

        The sun just came out πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ BLUE SKY – yahoo πŸ™‚ Your buddy is going out to smell the roses πŸ™‚ lol …… NOT YET – but all my windows are Open ……
        Time to play outside xo MUAHX


    1. L. Palmer

      You might also check out the band “We Are The Fallen”. It’s not quite as good as Evanescence, but has a similar sound since the original drummer and guitarist formed it.


  2. Aquileana


    I can Β΄t believe you Β΄ve posted this song on PP…

    I am blown away by this group…

    When IΒ΄ve heard “My inmortal” i said to myself. ” I gotta share this poetic song with my bunny CB.”..

    So well then you told me that you loved it and sent me to this post on your blog…

    WOW such a coindicence!!!…Boom!

    I swear I havenΒ΄t seen this post before. … (Saying #Bible!)…

    The song is poignant, beautiful lyrics indeed…

    Love; Xo


    Aquileana πŸ˜‰



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