Guest Poet in the House: Kristine Millar

Soldier of Love (album)

Soldier of Love, Sade. (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here at Poetic Parfait we like it when we have guests. We are happy to welcome to the table author Kristine Millar.

I recently met Kristine online (on the business network LinkedIn) and she was excited to participate here as a guest blogger. Bring it on!

Please show love for Kristine, who tells me she has written poetry since age 17. She explains that she uses her poetry as therapy, a method I think many writers do. I know I join her in that sentiment!

Her poem More Than Sound has parallels to music, energy, love, and (yes) silence.

More Than Sound

The power and the pleasure beats and plucks on every string.

Just a genius inventor, moulding tunes with which to sing.


His aching armour clashes, gives birth to every thought;

and with purpose it surrenders any mood that you had sought.


It looks for its expression through a body and a mind,

and finds me with impression leaving all my cares behind.


The energy, possession, through every muscle, every twist;

moves all throughout existence in this momentary bliss.


He convinces you of heaven through is fervour and his flair;

now a sentimental strummer innocent and unaware.


Brooding notes in battle with their merchant of remorse,

takes you high on raw emotion but once again will change its course.


In a boxing ring of passion, you and he are toe to toe;

and in his cabled fury, deals a final dashing blow.


Then silence enters suddenly, resonating the profound;

what supremacy and brilliance bringing so much more than sound.


©2009 Kristine Millar


This is christyb, boxing outside of the ring with a positive approach to life!


YouTube >> Sade – Love Is Found


31 thoughts on “Guest Poet in the House: Kristine Millar

  1. raymond alexander kukkee

    Very well done, Kristine, lovely….”now a sentimental strummer, innocent and unaware”
    and …

    ” Then silence enters suddenly, resonating the profound;
    what supremacy and brilliance bringing so much more than sound”

    Powerful, insightful and thought-invoking words.

    Well chosen, too, Christyb !


        1. Cat Forsley

          Would You like to have a Passion Feature on Fervour and Forever ? I’m gonna go to the AGO today to get inspired – it’s cold and grey here – and need to take in some BEAUTY – but if you wanna – Sue had one , miro , Red , Anne, Cha …….Kourtney – so many – 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 just kinda slowly waking up now – But i would love to do one on You ………. they are all here – so you can see the format and questions i ask about PASSION 🙂 of course 🙂 🙂 🙂 let me know 😉
          Happyyyyyyyy weekend 🙂


        2. Christy Birmingham Post author

          Hey youuuuu! Awe, that’s a cool idea and I appreciate the offer for the Passion feature. I am going to look through your site. Can we do that video project first? One thing at a time 🙂 And you take care of YOU tooooo!


  2. Kristine Millar

    Thank you everyone for your comments. My poem was inspired by listening to my favourite band. Music has as much importance in my life as writing does, and here, I have brought them together!


  3. Julie Catherine

    Love this poem by Kristine – thanks for sharing her and this awesome poem with us! I really enjoyed the almost lilting, melodic quality of some of the lines; which resonates with that classical style that appeals to me! 🙂



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