Touch of Your Skin

Female Sihouette

Female Silhouette

Touch of Your Skin

Your clothes do not hide your frame of lies

And your snug white t-shirt despises the touch of your skin.


I remember your calloused hands

Like I remember how my legs curled your thighs

With a hunger for warmth,

It was a warm heart that I longed for,

While your goal was the sexual moment of arrival.


My hot showers did not erase the touch of your hands,

As the soap killed bacteria that seemed innocent compared to you.


Sometimes your firm chest seems so far away

While your eyes feel so close that I instantly sit upright,

Adjusting my posture

As though you are about to sigh and disapprove

That I look anything less than perfect.


Your skin folded around me like the tent I desired

While your words shook away my roots and

Replanted me in a forest of lies –


Tell me how to get back to the land of skin that carries no hurt

With evergreen trees that are loved for the curve of their branches.


©2013 Christy Birmingham



70 thoughts on “Touch of Your Skin

  1. Cyndi

    Your poems are so amazing – I could totally see the scene unfolding in my head and the emotion that a person feels when they want to be close to someone but the other person is “absent” – lovely words and poem. Happy Thursday!


  2. rlloydmyers

    Nothing I can say here would do this poem justice…wow, blew me away. Another home run, Christy; just great…


      1. aquileana


        Very nice poem … !!! 😉

        I was wondering if this poem could make refernce to act of loosing the inocence of virginity to turn into a woman… And I think it obviously does…

        I believe that there is a hidden fear at the beginning of the poem and also a different approach of sexual act according to woman/ man whose examples are the lines: “It was a warm heart that I longed for,.. While your goal was the sexual moment of arrival”.

        The typical feeling of guilt is very well shown with the comprehensive images of the shower and the need to clean up with soap those bacteria “that seemed innocent compared to you. (him)”…

        Overall I like the progression of the poem that reaveals the final consumption of sexual act and the impossibility to return to that “evergreen land of skin that carries no hurt”…

        Once you entered some new realms you just can´t go back to the previous ones, That is because this implies a necessary change that you can´t therefore undone …

        The sense of mistery and unknowledge you have once experienced has already dissapeared and the shape of past is now the shadow of what you used to be and not your actual body…

        Congratulations once again; cheers!

        Aquileana 🙂


        1. Christy Birmingham Post author

          Hi Amalia! What an interesting take you have of the poem. I do not intend the meaning you take away but there certainly are no right or wrong answers with poetry. I speak of a woman hurt and trying to heal. Each reader brings a unique past to what she or he reads that affects the interpretation of the words. I appreciate your compliments and your reads. Happy Easter xoxo


        2. aquileana/amalia

          Well Christy… The first time I had sex i was very young… It was so painful for me that I almost broke down in tears… And I felt guilty and embarrassed…

          Anyway, all those overwhelming feelings and images in your poem related to the sexual act and certainly reminded me of that Awkward moment…

          I was sure you were talking about the first time, but there are plenty “first times” that may show the same way…Aren´t there???

          I am sure most of us didn´t have a good first experience but luckily we have learned how to love, how to surrender to someone and finally how to enjoy it!!!

          Thanks for your wishes on Easter Times and your comment on my blog!!!,



        3. Christy Birmingham Post author

          Your comment saddens me, my dear friend. I am glad you are stronger now and that you understand what the world intends by having put you through that experience.

          I admire your positive attitude and the scencerity of your words. There is never a right or wrong answer in poetry interpretation and I like that you connected with the words.

          I send you a big hug!!



  3. Red

    You nailed this one, Christy. The descriptions are excellent, and the imagery of the soap, legs and the shirt are very revealing. This may be one of your best. xxx


  4. Shakti Ghosal

    Hi Christy,

    Great verse and expression. What jumped out at me are your concluding lines,

    “Tell me how to get back to the land of skin that carries no hurt

    With evergreen trees that are loved for the curve of their branches.”

    What is is. Can we change reality? If we cannot, no amount of yearning to get back to that perfect land would work, And in that would lie our sadness, regret and stress. How could we be in the present but still avoid all these negatives?



  5. Julie Catherine

    Christy, I love this poem, and indeed think it’s one of your best yet – wonderful! There is such poignant sadness in this; tones both sweet and bitter and the emotion rich and mature; it brought a tear to my eye. As most have commented before me, the last two lines are superb. Just awesome, my friend! ~ Love and hugs, Julie xoxox


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Wow, Julie your comment gives me shivers. Thank-you so much! I really think it is one of my best and that I have broken through a writing wall. I hope that doesn’t sound conceited! I admire your own poetry so I appreciate your words xoxox


  6. Audra Leigh Fisher

    My dear…where is this all coming from…these feelings, the emotions! They shine amzing in your writing! They are powerful words!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Audra Leigh Fisher

    I wanted to ask you about if it was about you…just did not think it was appropriate. I did not know how to first put it in the comment. You are an awesome writer and poet! This is fantastic!


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Thanks Audra for both your comments! To explain my past is just so complex and has darkness… but I will tell you that now I see light and I use those hard times to strengthen my spirit and express the joy you see in me today! xx


  8. Tessa

    This is an emotional poem that you have shared with your followers. The picture that comes from your words is so clear and heart felt.. To put to words experiences of the past with such descriptive emotion is a gift we value. A beautiful poem, definitely one of your best…thank you for sharing it. LOL.



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