An Elizabethan theater

Stage Right: A Poem

An Elizabethan theater

“Imaginary view of an Elizabethan stage” by C. Walter Hodges – Folger Shakespeare Library. Licensed under CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Stage Right
Stage right was your destination
Yet you found me behind the props,
Behind the cardboard masks and bow ties
Left over from my previous illness.
I thought it random but you thought it out
As you followed your map and met me at a flagpole
That turned out to mark a crater painted in doubt.
Stage left me out of here
And refund the audience for their tickets;
They thought the production was Love StoryΒ but
All they got was stale popcorn, glimpses of
My bruised legs and mind, and
Glimpses of me in front of the curtain.
Β©2013 Christy Birmingham


39 thoughts on “Stage Right: A Poem

  1. pictimilitude

    I used to be in plays in high school and college – and I can understand both the “stage” references AND the fact that there’s so much more going on here, too: self-confidence, love, shattered love, living in the shadows…that’s when you know a poem is good – there is multi-layered meaning here. I love it!


  2. lscotthoughts

    Oh, Christy, you are a master of metaphors, I would say! I love this and being in plays when I was younger, had me reminiscing of stage left and right, too! Wonderful writing! xx


  3. Red

    I think my favorite line is “left over from my previous illness”. Such is the way of the poisoned relationship. I love the imagery of “painted in doubt” atop the inverse of the pinnacle (flagpole). This one is excellent, Christy. xxx


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Thank-you, Red! I really feel like in the last month I broke through a layer of doubt in my writing. There is a free feeling now for me when I write poems… I am glad it shines through here. xx



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