Free Write Friday: Storms, Bullies, Wine

Friday is here, woot!

Today I take part in Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday project. Kellie gives her readers a prompt each week and we write a poem, story, or other creative piece based on what we see or read. This week, the prompt is a black-and-white photo of a tornado.

Here is the photo and then the poem I wrote, based on the image, follows below.

This is christyb wishing you a Friday that has calm weather and smooth lines of kindness.

Woman sits in front of a tornado

A poem about storms, bullies and wine.


Storms, Bullies, Wine

Bring on the bullies.

Bring on the women with drunken minds who

Dunked their thoughts into pails of sour apples

As they bit away years before they ever met me.


Bring on the black-and-white complexes

That they think bear no shadows, when

I know that what really counts are

Their foul smells

(I can count how many times I pushed their armpits away).


Bring on the bullies,

For I am full of belief

That my scent trumps their viewpoints like a fine wine,

Without a wave of guilt

(I pulled the sink plug a long time ago).


Bring on their slurred questions

That I meet with a writing pad, its pages

Filled with words of peace

For the many pieces of my past,

As I swim in waters full of migrating self-acceptance.


©2013 Christy Birmingham



43 thoughts on “Free Write Friday: Storms, Bullies, Wine

  1. Kellie Elmore

    Christy!!!!!!!!!! You made my day by showing up here for FWF! I am all smiles now! And what an amazing piece! My god woman, you are brilliant! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!! Thanks sooooooo much for coming to visit! xoxoxox MUAH!


  2. Sue Dreamwalker

    Sounds like a typical Friday Night on the Town near where I live!…. 🙂

    Great use of words which sent powerful images to mind…

    Enjoy your Friday Night, and have a sweet perfumed, bully free weekend… I wont say soba! Lol…. Enjoy! Hugs Sue x


  3. aquileana

    Hi Christy; I really like your writing
    It seems Tornadoes could be sometimes useful to build our own worth and to develop self-regard!!!…
    Cheers & I hope you enjoy your good weekend !!!


  4. charlesmashburn

    Good poem with a powerful message, Christy!

    I usually post a short short story on FWF, but I post several poems a week on my blog. Stop by and check them out if you have time. I’ll get over and check out Poetic Parfait soon!
    Here’s my entry for this week’s FWF…


  5. Tessa

    Very powerful words and images in every line. I especially liked the ending ” as I swim in waters full of migrating self acceptance’…as usual your endings always complete the vision.


  6. seanbidd

    The places your words above find me, where sometimes I need to listen deep to the words such moments, food, drink, thoughts, and poetic words to accept, and receive what the give. Thank you


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  8. Nadine Herring

    Your poem just brought back memories of me sitting with my journal and just riffing on whatever I happened to see, feel, or think about. Your poem is beautiful and it’s time to pull out my journal again and let the words flow…



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