Ordinary, in the Shape of a Poem

Wearable Memories

Do you Wear Your Memories like a Charm Bracelet?

Hello my poetic peeps!

My latest poem is one that questions what is ordinary. What does ordinary really mean, in respect to our experiences? Do any of us really live an ordinary life?

My inspiration came from Cynthia’s post at Words + Images that I read this morning. Please check out her site as it has wonderful photography.



My experiences are anything but ordinary

Over the span of the last few years,

When my mind moved from coma to

The currents of water that tumbled down my cheeks

Into pools that developed at my pillow.


When Friend A tried to compare his past to

My own

I did not understand what the measurements would be.

Does a tear have more pounds than a loss?

Can a wrongdoing elbow out an inflated ego?

I now take my elbow on my own to the supermarket.


Friend A soon left the room on his own.


My experiences are pieces of perception that

Do not balance well with others.

My memories play nice only when they play alone.


My eyes interlock with the glue of compromise

As I piece together my memories with my responsibilities for

My arms and for the hands that connect.

I refuse to play pretend for you anymore.


©2013 Christy Birmingham


This is christyb wishing you a day free from comparisons yet laden with love.



31 thoughts on “Ordinary, in the Shape of a Poem

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  2. raymond alexander kukkee

    You just never stop, do you Christyb? Your outlook is so different–this is beautiful.”My memories play nice only when they play alone” ……….”I refuse to play pretend”……so truthful, a powerful statement of self-realization from within a giant heart. Love it! “:)


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Cyndi, I really like the way you sum up the poem. You are right on the nose with the use of language in unique ways (not ordinary) as ironically used to pen a poem titled ‘Ordinary’. So nice to see you xx


  3. aquileana/amalia

    Hi Christy;

    Nice to see you are back again with your meaningful poems… I love when you say

    “My memories play nice only when they play alone”… It makes me think that probably our memories could be also a result of our thoughts … As if in the process of remembering we rebuild our past in a subjective way that others woudn´t be able to reach or understand…

    As you said: “experiences are pieces of perception that do not balance well with others”.

    That´s a perfect way to explain how some similar remembrances could be important only to you and others wouldn´t notice them because they feel they are not important to them…

    Besides, it could happen that the same memories could be valuable for us in a particular moment of our lives but irrelevant in a future time…

    It is pretty complex to explain how our brains work to choose and build memories… +But your meaningful poem is bright and clear as day to me!!!…

    Cheers my dear writer; Aquileana /Amalia

    Please visit me at my blog if you don´t mind . I´ve written a new post and probably you´d like to read it: http://aquileana.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/cine-decalogo-dos-dekalog-dwa/

    ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯*.♥ ♥


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      What a great point that a memory can be so special soon after it happens but then less so as the years go by. I like your reflections here and how nice to be quoted. I know that when readers like you understand the words that it really is worth the emotions I give to write the poems xx Take care!


  4. frenzyofflies

    “My experiences are pieces of perception that
    Do not balance well with others.”
    I know exactly what you mean here; this is a wonderfully insightful poem!



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