A Tribute Poem to Boston

Skyline of Boston. Picture was taken from a wh...

Skyline of Boston. Picture was taken from a whale watching ferry that left from the aquarium dock. It is the Eastern side of the Boston peninsula. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today brings more news in Boston. There are two suspects from the Marathon bombings and one died in a shootout last night. Many Boston residents are inside their homes as the city is on high alert while police locate the second suspect. The headlines cover newspapers and televisions around the world.

The world waits with a nauseous stomach.

Here is a poem I wrote this morning. This is christyb and my prayers go to the people of Boston xx

Read All About It

Read the headline and internalize it.

Take words from the news and

Work as hard as your paid job to

Include joy in your day.

All hail the joyful.

Watch the video of the deaths and

Understand the expiry of life is short

While the effects of killings

Extend for miles.

We look for ways to shorten the length of

Hurt we feel in our hearts,

Yet understand the healing process is

One slow breath of air

That requires more than a Band-Aid.

Let us exhale together.

Let us look at each other’s faces to

Examine generosity and affection

Rather than to focus on hate or

Let fear override our hearts.

Let us join hands as we pray.


©2013 Christy Birmingham


42 thoughts on “A Tribute Poem to Boston

  1. Joyce

    Thank you Christy for your words from your heart. I have a very difficult time saying just how I hurt inside for the people of Boston or any other like tragedy. I try to find joy in every situation, but it is very hard to see joy in these senseless acts. I take your hand in mine and share a prayer for those who have had to bear the burden of these devestations.


  2. Aquileana

    The feeling that I have now in relation to this terrible attac in Boston is similar to the one that used to have on the occasion of the shooting of Connecticut.
    An endless feeling of emptiness . Your words are attempting to fill it somehow; Christy…
    My condolences to the victims ✞

    Aquileana /Amalia ☆


  3. jessicalle

    Thank you for expressing this in a poem. It’s can be difficult to “create” inspiration, but you are clearly inspired and also inspirational – if THAT makes any sense! Much heart to all, Jess


  4. gailthornton

    Christy, thank you for this beautiful tribute. I live near Boston, and the people of the city are sleeping better tonight. Sweet dreams to you.


  5. Sue Dreamwalker

    Christy, this was an excellent slant on this terrible tragedy..
    “That requires more than a Band-Aid.-Let us exhale together.-Let us look at each other’s faces to–Examine generosity and affection……… The Band-Aid is to let go of fear and embrace love in our hearts… Oh so many people need loving! ….. Thank you so much Christy for your heartfelt poem………. My heart goes out to all .. every where around our Fear-full world.. xxxx ~Sue


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Yes Sue, I really felt that world got to a whole new level of fear last week. How sad that makes me… but I choose not to go there in spirit. I choose to help elevate people who are struggling. Thank-you for joining me on so many wonderful levels with your kind spirit xx



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