Music Time: Wishing Well by Daniel Pearson

"Life is tough, but you are tougher."

Life is tough, make the most of today.

Why yes, it IS Tunes with Tuesday. Welcome.

Today’s song is Wishing Well, sung by Daniel Pearson.

This British singer/songwriter is a new find for me, although this specific song dates back to 2011. I discovered the song on SoundCloud earlier this month. I often randomly listen to songs there as I work at my computer. Music, to me, is motivation. It gives me energy, inspires me, and gives me strength if I feel sad.

Wishing Well appeals to me on many levels, and I hope it does the same for you. The song has a moving quality that urges you to keep listening for the next lines. Daniel Pearson’s soft voice pairs perfectly with the slow, swaying instruments. It is as if the melody and his tone are friends, wishing for a better day ahead.

The message is an inspiring one. Every time I hear it, the words remind me that we only know of today. We need to live today because tomorrow is not a for-sure concept.

I separated out three lines that draw me to Wishing Well:

“Stagger into the light”

“You should get ready to begin”

“Get busy living”

 This is christyb saying, Live a full day of kindness and receive a full heart of happiness.

Daniel Pearson – Wishing Well


9 thoughts on “Music Time: Wishing Well by Daniel Pearson

  1. Easter Ellen

    Christy, I love the song and the inspiration it gives us. To me it is a message about wanting and wishing, dreaming, vs get busy making your away, as he says.
    Awesome post!!!



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