Rewrite Music: A Song from the TV Show Smash

Had It All

Katharine McPhee, Had It All (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Tunes with Tuesday feature is T.O.D.A.Y.!

Let’s start dancing. No? Oh come on now (insert smiling face and a wink).

I have been following the series “Smash” on television since it began and I love it. This season has certainly seen its share of difficulties, both onscreen and off. There are rumors that the show is cancelled, but I do not allow myself to Google it because if it is I will be sad. Besides, if it is ending, then obviously I will find out next year when the season never begins. LOL. Why bring on the sadness if I don’t have to yet? Now there’s logic, as per teacher Christy. I am laughing now!

I love the songs in “Smash”. There are covers of classic songs and new original songs. One of my favorites is “Rewrite This Story”. It is a duet between two lead characters in the show, Karen and Jimmy. Their names in real life are Katharine McPhee and Jeremy Jordan. You may remember McPhee from her American Idol days.

McPhee and Jordan have voices that go amazingly well together. Even if the TV show “Smash” is not one you watch, I do urge you to listen to the song.

“Rewrite This Story” has an intriguing message. It is about feeling inadequate and wanting to go back and rewrite your story. The want (it may feel like a need) to change yourself is something I once felt. I wanted to mold myself into another person’s vision. I did my best.

The problem was it was never good enough for him, and he likely did not even see how much I struggled and lost to do so. I left my soul at the window’s ledge as I jumped to be his image of me. The image was hollow.

Today, I close the window to the past. I know I cannot rewrite my own story. What I can do is take steps to ensure I never get into the negative situations that I did in the past. That is the past.

Today, I hope you challenge yourself to live in the present day. Make peace with past hurts and live today, liveย now.ย 

This is christyb, saying be present and enjoy its gift.

SMASH – Rewrite This Story


22 thoughts on “Rewrite Music: A Song from the TV Show Smash

  1. Janine Huldie

    Christy, I once tried to do the same as you described with an ex that I was truly in love with at the time. Found out the hard way that this is truly not the way to go. Thanks for sharing this here today and can very much relate!!


  2. Aquileana

    if you want to rewrite the story, the first step means to get rid of the past. Thereafter, the march continues straight ahead… Nicely said; Christy;

    Cheers my friend! Aquileana ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. lscotthoughts

    Christy, it sounds like you’re on a positive path with the right attitude now…we learn from our mistakes, don’t we? I really enjoyed this post and even though I’ve never watched this show, I loved the song and their duet together. I do remember her from Idol days and her voice is awesome, as is his! Thanks for sharing and keep shining, my friend! xoxo


  4. Roxi St. Clair

    Great to see you in a ‘good’ place now Christy… you deserve to be in a good place as you make it good for all of us who know and appreciate you! ๐Ÿ˜‰ hugggs


  5. gailthornton

    Wonderful Christy. I spent a long time rewriting myself for a relationship, I had lost the original me. It took a long time for me to love myself as I am and accept the love of others, who are endeared to the true me. I love your outlook and vision.


  6. rlloydmyers

    Great piece, Christy. I always take something away when I read your prose and poetry. Thanks for another interesting and informative article.


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