Dreams Set to Music: Tyler Ward

Tyler Ward - Live 2011

Tyler Ward pursues his dreams in music.

I like this music video and the song is upbeat so… It makes the song an excellent choice for Tunes with Tuesday.

The song “Paper Heart” by Tyler Ward is about chasing dreams.  Ward is an American musician who writes and sings independently.

The music video starts with Tyler Ward explaining how he used to play shows where only a handful of people showed up. The video then spans to present day and shows Ward on stage in an auditorium, in Germany. He stands in front of thousands of screaming fans. The video is his thank-you to his fans as he now performs music, his dream, full-time.

I find his story inspirational. While he was likely shot down by music producers and labels many times, he continued to pursue his dream to create and perform music. I understand rejection. I face it some days as a freelance writer. Other days, clients love the articles I submit. Such is the path I choose.

While Ward’s dream is to sing, mine is to write. The difference is clear, yet there are similarities. We both want to create full-time, inspire people, and pursue those dreams. I will never stop pursuing my writing. While some days are struggles, I know my life purpose. Now.

This is christyb saying, Take your paper heart, and shape it into the dreams you want to come true. Write your life purpose on the heart and never let anyone take that paper away from you.

Paper Heart – Tyler Ward


13 thoughts on “Dreams Set to Music: Tyler Ward

  1. Aquileana

    I love indie artist… It seems Tyler ward is one of them.

    I liked your reflections doll… And thanks for having visited me 😉

    Cheers, Aquileana 😉


  2. pictimilitude

    Without our dreams, what beautiful things would humans do? You have such a gift and I love finding inspiration in others to pursue my creative dreams, too. Have a wonderful day!



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