Poem from Image Prompt: Extra Weight

This poem is an entry for Free Write Friday, a regular event at the Kellie Elmore website. Below is the image prompt (a GIF of the wind), followed by the poem that I created in response to it.

I love how images can inspire writers! Have you used an image prompt lately?

GIF of the wind

Credit: Tumblr via Kellie Elmore website

Extra Weight

My hand flies as I wish my body to do.
I curse the extra pounds that I
Carry at the hips.
I never authorized their approach.

I long to dance on the clouds with bare feet and
Feel my brown hair swing in the
Reach of the wind’s laughter.
I wish to move by a power other than my own mind.

Sometimes I wish that
Certain scenes would not play in my mind.
I know the characters,
I know the emotional pain.

Will my hand blow out of the car window
If the speed increases, slow and steady?

I undo my seatbelt, put both my
Palms up, and throw them outside of the window.
They do not leave my arms,
They do not fly away.
The characters form a line in my mind, again.

I put my hands into a prayer position and
I look up at the blue sky.
Tell me when the red lights are no more.

©2013 Christy Birmingham

This is christyb, wishing you to play nicely with the characters in your mind.


26 thoughts on “Poem from Image Prompt: Extra Weight

  1. Janine Huldie

    I honestly love how you took the picture and wrote what you were feeling and thinking so simply here. I could see it so clearly how you wrote it and just so inspiring. Hope you are having a great weekend, Christy!! 🙂


  2. Cynthia

    I agree. Dancing on the clouds in bare feet is an incredible image, as well as the thought of the wind laughing. 😉


  3. lscotthoughts

    Once again, Christy, you have mastered metaphors and created images for your readers to visualize and I can relate to many thoughts going on in between your words…extra weight not being authorized and certain scenes playing in my mind…:) Awesome poem, my friend, and have a wonderful weekend! xx


  4. gailthornton

    Love this one, Christy, and it renders the gif unnecessary – you captured it all in the words. The end is an epitome. Thanks!


  5. aquileana/amalia

    Hi Christy;

    What good idea to write a a poem beginning from an image … 🙂

    although in reality, thoughts are also images … They are are ultimately forms of evocation prewriting …

    Your poem reminds me of those old times when I was going was on vacation with my family to the beach (Pinamar. BA) … I used to put the hand off the window´s car like the image above… I also used to peek my head out.

    How free I felt at that time with those gestures.

    I like these verses “Will my hand blow out of the car window/ If the speed increases, slow and steady?”…

    It seems as if you were trying to challenge the limits that you don´t actually know if you would achieve

    In fact the speed is an inner sensation, that you join waving your hand, with palms up. In the meantime, you undo your seatbelt and let yourself go…

    Great poem, my friend 😉

    Always yours, Aquileana!


  6. Aquileana

    PS: You also made ​​me remember an tender image of my childhood that I can not forget to mention.

    Those moments when i used to write names or draw pictures on glass tarnished by steam.

    A picture about the great “Decalogue” we’ve been sharing, and that will surely be familiar:

    Cheers and thanks again for your meaningful poem; Christy;

    Aquileana /Amalia 🙂


  7. Victoria M. Johnson

    Hi Christy–
    What a wonderful poem you’ve written. The third stanza is my favorite:
    “Sometimes I wish that
    Certain scenes would not play in my mind.
    I know the characters,
    I know the emotional pain.”
    So deep and real. Very nicely done.


  8. M. J. Joachim

    I didn’t authorize their approach either. lol That line certainly caught me by surprise. The rest made me curious. Was there a reason to pray, perhaps an accident pending? My mind went in so many directions with this poem and my blood raced a bit in anticipation as I read it.


  9. Julie Catherine

    Beautiful poem Christy – I especially love these lines: “I long to dance on the clouds with bare feet and Feel my brown hair swing in the Reach of the wind’s laughter.” … awesome!

    I love to write poetry to certain photos, or to classical music; the images they produce in my mind give me the freedom to take me soaring to other places. Love your poem, my friend. ~ Love and hugs, Julie xoxox


  10. penpusherpen

    to feel as light as air, Christy, without the heaviness of bodily restraint… the self image aspect makes for a wonderful poetic response… lightness of spirit, and mind, … you’ve captured the thoughtful mood perfectly. xPenx


  11. janehewey

    I really enjoy your use of metaphor here, Christy. Your play with the wind and the red light and your own body. wonderful work. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Glad to meet you here.


  12. Eric Alagan

    For me, these words are somewhat wistful but also happy. Those last two lines – full of faith and hope.

    Your poem is not as light as it first seems, Christy B.



  13. Rachael 'Honest' Blair

    Lovely poem Christy, so light and carefree and yet… I feel its weight. I like image prompts too, I did a 100WBGU recently but not done any of kellie’s for a while… I might see what she puts up this week.

    Oh, and I promise to play nicely with the characters in my mind 😉 x


  14. Kellie Elmore

    I love how you made me feel like you were just writing your thoughts as you rode in the car with the wind blowing. It was free, emotional and there was a whimsy in your words that flowed with such ease that I felt inside your mind. It was amazing! Thank you!


  15. heidibarnes11

    To be able to fly or even just float above the ground outside of our dreams would be a wonderful thing. So freeing and relaxing. 🙂



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