Beyonce Reminds Us to Maximize Our Lives

Beyonce VMA Red Carpet

Beyonce VMA Red Carpet (Photo credit:

Boyoncé has a powerful voice, whether she is singing fast, pop vocals or sweeping ballads. Her song I Was Here is the Tunes with Tuesday feature for this first week of June.

The song gives me shivers every time I hear it. The video version I chose for today is the one with the lyrics on the screens. Reading the words as you listen to the tune, I hope, adds more depth to what she says. The video engages both the eyes and ears for a glorious experience.

The Boyoncé song I Was Here is about making the most of your existence here on Earth. Life is short, when you think about it. How do you want people to remember you? Will you live out your dreams and leave this life without any regrets? Will you help the world, in your own way, leaving it a better place than it was before you?

Here are just a few of the engaging lyrics:

“I did, I’ve done
Everything that I
And it was more than
I thought it would be”

This is christyb, reminding you to share love today 🙂

Beyoncé – I Was Here (Lyrics)


13 thoughts on “Beyonce Reminds Us to Maximize Our Lives

  1. Aquileana


    This is one of Beyone´s songs that I like most…

    I can not believe you have posted it now. I feel as if Soulmates we were, at least in musical taste here …

    Now that you published it on TuesdayTunes, I believe we are even closer friends, despite the virtual & geographical distance

    I love how Beyonce casts its finitude into a positive message that has to do with leaving a mark to let everyone know that !she has been here! …

    Now you posted this in TuesdayTunes, I feel closer to you yet.

    Up soon & thanks my dear canadian friend ;



  2. Aquileana

    PS; I remember when Angie miller sang this outstanding song on American Idol…

    She should have won, no doubt about it 😉

    Bye-bye & Up Soon !!!;

    Aquileana 🙂


  3. penpusherpen

    I think we’ll all have regrets of some nature, Christy, but on the whole, most of us will have reached out and found what we were looking for, … be true to yourself and your ideals and you won’t go far wrong.. Wonderful and uplifting blog.. xx


    1. Aquileana

      Hi penpusherpen…

      I am following your blog right now. I love your poetry as well.

      One of your latest poem “QJumper” is really a very good one; nicely done!

      Up soon 😉 Aquileana !



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