Poetry: You, Colors, and Realization

Here is a new day, with new colors and promise.

This is christyb, wishing you a day painted in glorious colors!

Colorful Painting

Colorful Painting (Artist Unknown). Photo taken by Christy Birmingham.

You, Colors, and Realization

You were once a masterpiece.
Now, your colors run down the fabric of
My past,
Shades of yellow and orange that have
Grown thick in consistency,
As the price of fine art rises with inflation.

I once took you as my muse
Without realization that you held me in a leash,
Without realization that it was you who
Picked which easel I would use.

You were once here.
Today, your colors fall to a wooden floor
While I run a paintbrush under the kitchen tap
To clean the bristles and
Paint a new day, made of colors that
I alone choose.

Β©2013 Christy Birmingham


66 thoughts on “Poetry: You, Colors, and Realization

  1. Glimmer Creates

    Christy – This was beautiful. I wanted to thank you for always being an inspiration and help to me on hubpages and twitter. I started a blog and nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. The link is on my website. Thanks again.


  2. Eric Alagan

    Thinking that it was a masterpiece
    I brought home a fake to adorn my wall.
    Well meaning friends did not dare tell
    Lest I suspected their motives.
    Wish I had trusted them more and sooner
    Now I can tell, a masterpiece from a fake
    A lesson well learnt – at what a price!
    So few masterpieces
    So many fakes
    Out there —

    Dunno why, Chirsty B – this just sprung up in a minute, as I read your post today.

    Peace and blessings,


    1. Aquileana


      Great comment, Eric… IΒ΄ll leave my comment as a reply to yours here…



      A masterpiece which value increases as time goes by. As an absorbent relationship we have left behind, and that makes us feel more free with each day from the time the relationship has broken.

      You know I think, that the more idealized relationships are the more damaging is the effect that it has in our lives. ThatΒ΄s because it tends to produce dependence and submission even unconsciously

      The Muses are not physical entities, but vague ideas that lead to artistic creation

      When we think we Β΄ve found a personification of a muse in someone, the truth is we seldom find it…

      In fact it happens that when we believe we have found “the inspirational muse”, we may risk of lacking the possibility of both the artistic creation and the self-creation

      To set free from unattainable ideas, will allow us to untie harmful bonsd and to cut the leashes… Therefore we will be able to expand our boundaries even more…

      Bottom line: I believe there is actually an inverse correlation that plays here: the more expectations we have outside ourselves, the lower is our real ability to enforce our inner potential, turning our possibilities into an effective reality

      A very inspiring poem, Christy.

      Thanks for sharing!. Cheers!!!.

      Aquileana πŸ˜‰



      1. Christy Birmingham Post author

        Thank-you Amalia for the thoughtful response here. I do believe that we change over time, continually, and with time our colors do shift as well. Perhaps the paintbrush dries out a little in sad times or it may be that it is full with tears instead… Hugs to you x


  3. filbio

    Wonderful way of words in that life is a canvas and the colors you choose pertain to how you want your new day/life to go.


  4. seanbidd

    Waiting for colours’ sounds to wake here, for the inky blue to wrap around the shapes of the world outside, a fresh start to a Tropical Winter’s day. Where in the week’s past days, the rain washed the brush strokes from the sky, soon again to flow with blue. But for now, silence fills the early morning air, then, just now a locomotive, the long line, it’s rolling stock breaks the thin veil of air between river and range, till passing, silence again. Waiting for colours’ sounds… Waiting for the inky blue.

    Not usually awake this early reading, but Christy, I got lost in the imagery, and flow of the lines in your poem “You, Colors, and Realization”. Then thought to share the words above for the moment here, now, captured by your poems title. There is probably more to write as the moments pass, til the world here begins to glow in soft winter hues through the cool morning breezes. But the words will have to wait for their lines, while I sit outside, hot drink in hand…


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      I am pleased to have inspired you here, Sean, and so glad you shared the words with me. I love when we can build images on top of each other, grabbing for new dimensions, new horizons, and always reaching for me. Enjoy your time relaxing deep in thought and enjoy the words that find you.


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  8. Lorraine Marie Reguly

    Hey, chickie-poo! Congrats again on your recent ebook/book of poetry! I saw you jump up and down! Keep jumping, too… I have nominated you (given you) blogging awards. Claim your awards on my blog, please. Just check my most recent post. Thanks!


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