The Rattle Poetry Contest

Shin watches the shower of lottery tickets

Shin watches the shower of lottery tickets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just came across a poetry contest at the Rattle website. I am happy to share the link here with you, today.

I am starting to take part in contests, in hopes of perhaps attracting a few sets of eyes my way. Hey, you never know if you will win, right? You cannot win if you never enterโ€ฆ right? Oh wait… Do those lines refer to lottery tickets instead?

The contest deadline is July 15, 2013.

I am attaching a link for The 2013 Rattle Poetry Prize. There are ten prizes of $100 each, and the Readers’ Choice Award is $1,000.

On the link attached, feel free to read the past winners’ entries to get an idea for what the judges look for in poems. According to the Guidelines page, entry is the cost of a one-year subscription to Rattle, which is $20. I find that poetry contests often have entry fees. You decide if this one meets your budget.

I do like that there is more than one winner and that you can send up to four poems per entry.ย The contest is open to writers worldwide.

If you enter, I wish you good luck!

This is christyb saying, May your muse be with you.


36 thoughts on “The Rattle Poetry Contest

  1. Mark

    Thanks Christy! I might try this as I have been thinking about moving out of my comfort zone somewhat and like you say, you never know!


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  3. penpusherpen

    Good luck in the contest Christy., as you say, no chance of winning if you don’t enter.. (and yes, I do lottery tickets too, .. to keep the dream alive every week ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) … Many thanks for sharing the link… Have a good Monday, hope the suns shining.. xPenx


  4. Tessa

    I agree with Cat, may YOU be the big winner!….you always share your gold standard poetry with us, it would be great if you received some extra reward for your enlightening work.


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