Music for the Day with Labrinth


Emotional walls come down with “Beneath Your Beautiful” (Photo credit: Bonito Club)

Today is … time for Tunes with Tuesday!

This song is a great one for anyone who has put up emotional walls around him or her. Do you shy away from entering into a romantic relationship? Do you spend time alone instead of searching out friends?

Are you creating emotional distance without even realizing it?

This song is a duet between Labrinth, a male British singer, and Emeli Sandé. Her voice adds a lovely lightness to his rich tone. The song title is, “Beneath Your Beautiful.” There are a few video versions of this song, but I like the one below the best as it is a live performance. I like watching the two artists interact with the audience and how their voices touch the people who crowd around the stage.

The song’s message is to let down your walls and let in a friend or partner. The “beautiful” in the song refers to a mask of beauty that a person carries, seeming like everything is okay even though that person is emotionally unavailable.

When the walls come down, you are emotionally vulnerable. I think that is why people put up walls, especially after they get hurt. They fear the pain of losing someone close to them and fear rejection. I understand. I am still chipping away at my own walls and listening to this song is like therapy for me. It is soothing and motivational.

I hope you enjoy the song.

This is christyb, wishing you a musical voyage today.

“Beneath Your Beautiful” by Labrinth and Emeli Sandé (Live at Royal Albert Hall)


31 thoughts on “Music for the Day with Labrinth

  1. penpusherpen

    we all put up those walls Christy, and as you say, it’s learning to trust enough to let your guards down. Beautiful, is the song sung, and the message contained within. xPenx


  2. lscotthoughts

    I think you know I don’t have walls around me, Christy, but this is a great song; thanks for sharing! And I agree with you about feeling vulnerable, but I think if we didn’t take those chances, then we wouldn’t be living life. Getting hurt is just part of the journey, but we always hope for a happy ending..sending hugs! 🙂


  3. Sue Dreamwalker

    I think we each are guilty when we have been hurt at putting up those barriers…But we are constantly learning and growing, and sometimes those feelings were needed along our journey so when we really find that right person we are better prepared…

    Love the music and gosh these weeks are just flying Christy…… Hope you are enjoying Summer! 🙂


  4. Lorraine Marie Reguly

    I love this song, too. I think of Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough dancing to it, too, since they won the last season’s Mirror Ball trophy with their awesome and amazing dance to this song (and their immense talent)!

    Let down your walls, Christy. Opening yourself up to others is tough, but worth it. You are loved and supported by us all! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Hi Lorraine, I missed most of the DWTS season but I bet the song was an amazing background for the dance team. I believe they won the season? Letting down my wall and reaching for the smiles 🙂


      1. Lorraine Marie Reguly

        Yes, they did. I watched it faithfully with my mom each Mon. and Tues. night.
        I have a poem that you should hear. I can’t publish it yet, since it I have entered it into a contest, but was wondering if you have Skype? Email me and let me know if we can connect for a conversation so I can share it with you. 3 minutes is all I would need. I think you have my email address…


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  6. Aquileana

    You’re right above about the “high walls” …

    Maybe the reason why we create emotional distances it is because we are vulnerable or maybe too cautious of people.

    Of course; It is always easier to stay in the ivory tower, meaning the “high safe zone”… And to say ” no ” or “that´s enough”, no more engagements, nor deeper commitments…

    People can hurt us, that´s true…

    But I just wonder if going through bad experiences implies to keep on wearing “defensive beautiful masks” in order to avoid other further disappointments… And if the answer is yes: Do we fell happy or better at the end?…

    In order to go “Beneath”, we must take risks… And by that I assume that relationships are implied with risky situations, because “Life itself is a risk” (

    Anyhow, taking changes on someone doesn´t always mean to jeopardize what we are or what we have built…

    Of course we can always get through deceiving situations… But if we don´t take risks we will never win… We can win and moreover we share these triumphs with others…

    Much love to you dear Christy, thanks for being you; Aquileana 😉


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      I just read the tweet that you embedded in the comment – wonderful and inspiring words you shared there.

      Life is a risk… ah, how true. Sometimes the dark events of the past haunt us, building bricks around us as we try to stay safe. In the end, however, often we regret that we have not taken risks or opened up our hearts.

      Thank-you for your open heart, kind spirit and love — Happy to know YOU! xo



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