Canada Day + Summer = A Great Day

Hello my Poetic Peeps!

It is Canada Day here and we are celebrating our country full of its beautiful trees, flowers, and genuine souls! To my Canadian followers, I wish you a glorious holiday. To my friends who live elsewhere, I do hope your day is full of smiles and contentment. That is what I wish for us all. Don’t we all crave that breath, the long exhale, the sigh that is full of contentment?

Summer quote card.

Summer quote card.

Today on this holiday, I unveil the first of my quote cards that my friendΒ Cat ForsleyΒ made for me. She is a beautiful singer and artist, so please visit her site if you have not already. She made the card, part of a collection just for me. I am spoiled!

Have a wonderful summer day, all of you! ~christyb


47 thoughts on “Canada Day + Summer = A Great Day

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      1. Cat Forsley

        C 2 C !!!!!!!!!!!!!! DJCB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxx
        You’re Mega LOVE AND LOVED
        Ur so welcome xxxx
        anytime xxx
        There are so funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn πŸ™‚
        xo xo xo xo πŸ™‚ xx C


  2. penpusherpen

    I’m too late to wish you Happy Canada Day, Christy, but the thought is there. (Meant to say last time I visited that I love your new avatar!!) Hoping your Summer is full of laughter, the best kind, the deep within and felt for ages after kind. xPenx


  3. Julie Catherine

    I’m late visiting, but wishing you a wonderful summer, dear friend! I love Cat’s card, it’s awesome, sunny and brings a huge smile to my face … just like you do! Sending love and hugs from Julie πŸ™‚ xoxox



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