New Review and Feature Post for Pathways to Illumination

Christy Birmingham proudly holds Pathways to Illumination

I have the softcover book!

Wow, excuse me while I say wow.

Actually, no excuse today as there is so much to explain the smile on my face!

Thank-you to everyone who has bought and / or spread word about Pathways to Illumination. Getting the message out that there is hope for people who struggle with abuse and depression is so important. Each person’s actions can make a difference, and we are taking positive steps.

I am proud to announce that Pathways to Illumination is the featured book for August at Alicia Harrell’s Bookstore and more! The book also gets the #9 spot at Alicia Harrell’s Featured Selections page. Feel free to click the links to check it out. There are details about the book and a brief bio of myself. Β Thank-you to Alicia for your generous offer to highlight the book in these ways.

In addition, Pathways to Illumination also received another 5-star review this week at the Redmund Productions website. Wow, did I already say wow? This is my favorite part of the review:

“In powerful prose, Birmingham portrays a survivor in words and life itself as her book of poetry follows and offers to the reader the life of the quintessential survivor -who has come to understand herself.”

The wonderful feedback of the book humbles me. It means a lot to me to try to give back in this world and I am even more determined now to continue doing so.

Thank-you to everyone who reads, comments, shares and supports my work, as you are part of a positive movement to spread the word about survival through dark times.

This is christyb, sending love and hopes your way.


55 thoughts on “New Review and Feature Post for Pathways to Illumination

  1. Valerie Caraotta

    This is great!! I am crossing my fingers for even more exposure and sales. Keep up the good work. The best is yet to come.


  2. Julie Catherine

    Love the smile, Christy! Congratulations on your new poetry book, and all the best! Love and hugs, Julie πŸ™‚ xoxox


  3. rollyachabot

    Very proud of you and all your accomplishments Christy… I have your book close at hand and often find myself sitting and being blessed with your journey…

    Hugs from Alberta


  4. miche123

    Congratulations! You are a wonderful poet and it’s such a treasure that you have given to our world with these words of wisdom. May your altruistic actions pay dividends and keep that smile on your face forever!

    I’ll add this to my ‘books to review’ list. I have two on the stove at them moment.

    Miche x


  5. lscotthoughts

    Wonderful news, Christy, and you have every right to say, “WOW!” I love your photo, too, it’s fabulous and I’m really excited to receive your book and begin reading! Sending many congratulatory hugs your way! xoxo



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