Review: Observations Obsessions Oddities by Laurie Childree

Well hello there and welcome to an installment of Poetry Book 101. Okay, I just made up the feature but… Moving right along… ((Smiles))

Book Cover: Observations Obsessions Oddities

Observations Obsessions Oddities

When I had the opportunity to read Observations Obsessions Oddities (OOO) by Laurie Childree, I knew right away that I was in the midst of a talented writer. Laurie is an Alabama native whose book focuses on her observations of society in general and the impacts of societal issues at the individual level.

OOO is a book of free-verse poetry that explores issues such as poverty, violence and stress. Laurie’s hauntingly beautiful writing style describes the toll of these problems on the individual spirit well. She offers no apologies for the issues around her and is blunt in her tone of voice.

What I enjoy about Observations Obsessions Oddities most are the poems within it that offer hopeful notes of how to improve our surroundings and our own selves. In the poem “Let it Go,” Laurie writes, “Peace comes in forms of / forgiveness and love.”

In the book’s last section “Appreciate,” she writes about paying attention to the “little things” rather than exchanging material gifts in an already object-oriented society.

Writer Laurie Childree

Meet Writer Laurie Childree

One of my favorite poems in OOO is “Simplicity,” which ends with these hopeful lines for rousing change in ourselves and in people around us:

clear it all out,
set fire to it,
empty the space.”

I recommend the read! ((Smiles again)).

Pick up your own copy of Observations Obsessions Oddities by Laurie Childree at the Redmund Pro Bookstore and read other reviews of the book there too.

Also, feel free to connect with Laurie at her blog Odds and Ends.

This is christyb, reading poetry and sharing notes of change and forgiveness.


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