Updates, a New Review and Smiles

Image of a modern fountain pen writing in curs...

Image of a modern fountain pen writing in cursive script. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello poetic peeps! I hope your week is going well.

Checking in and updating you all, as if we are in a phone conversation together. Oh, how incredible that would be!

Days are flying by in christyb-land. Here, I am working on my next book and writing articles for clients. Did you know I offer writing services? As for book #2, it will be… full-length fiction. The genre is Contemporary Women’s Fiction. Don’t worry, I continue to write poetry as it truly is a passion. I plan to publish more poetry collections too!

Thanks for all of the votes on digital artwork poll, as well! Have you voted yet? The winning design, created by artist Jed Lloyd, will have a permanent place on Poetic Parfait‘s sidebar. I’ll announce the winning image on Friday, September 20th. Jed passes along his thanks to you all for the votes, compliments and encouragement!

Another reason to smile is the newest review for Pathways to Illumination! I am one pleased author as I post the link to the post written by Bruce (better known to his followers as Gargoyle Bruce). Here is an excerpt from the review Read-it-if: Pathways to Illumination…:

“…if you pick up Pathways to Illumination you will find poems that contain striking imagery, relatable content and honest emotion in a very readable format.  Best of all, one will be left with a sense of hope and optimism to speed one on one’s way.”

Thank-you to everyone who supports my blog, book, and the goals I continue to strive to achieve. Your words help motivate me to keep going and together we reach out to help others, and in turn help ourselves too. Much love from christyb.

How is YOUR week going?


27 thoughts on “Updates, a New Review and Smiles

  1. Janine Huldie

    Yay for another great review, but seriously so well deserved. Glad you are having a great week so far and can’t wait for your next book now and know it will be wonderful, because you wrote it!! 🙂


  2. Aquileana

    ►Hi Christy►

    Great updates. I congratulate you for your achievements my friend…

    And yes, Veronica Shine´s words above are correct. 🙂

    Love to you; Aquileana 🙂



  3. Valerie Caraotta

    Excellent review and wishing you great success on your upcoming book!! Stay encouraged and thanks for all you give back to the world of writers and readers -:)


  4. Tessa

    Christy, you are like the Energizer Bunny…you go, go, go….but you leave even the Bunny in your dust. It is remarkable how much you achieve in a day and the quality of the work you produce. ‘High Five to YOU!’


  5. Lorraine Marie Reguly

    Hey, there, chickie-poo…it’s been awhile! Congratulations on your successes! I’ve been staying pretty busy myself, trying to figure out the details of my ebook, and possibly guest posting for Carol Tice (!!!). I think someone should change the length of our days; there are never enough hours in them! 😉

    Stay positive, Christy.



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