New Poem: Lack of Direction

Truth lies

Truth lies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lies can tear apart relationships. They may start small and grow into tumbling snowballs, picking up more hate with each roll… I was once very close to a man who told me many lies, including his faithfulness to me. No longer with him, I prefer honesty in the people around me and value the genuine friends I have today.

As I thought about the pain of lies, I created this poem.

Lack of Direction

You direct me forward but
I want to go back,
Back to when we wrapped in
Clean sheets, before the
Lies melted onto your tongue.

Your tongue slices through the truth,
Folding in layers of synonyms, and
Your weightless smile never ages.

My dark corner demands more than
One end of the rope –
I wonder when you began to
Stuff mouths of anyone between us.
My head is full of images of your face and
It runs empty on truth today.

©2013 Christy Birmingham

This is christyb, who chooses to slice the dark clouds to reveal sunshine.


58 thoughts on “New Poem: Lack of Direction

  1. Sean Michael Kelly (@TheLdrshipGeek)

    Powerful and striking words. I’ve been both the receiver and transmitter of painful lies in my life and have felt those horrible effects time and time again. I’ve been resolved to live a life that’s real, genuine and passionate. Now, as you mentioned, Janine, I’ve often been almost too honest for my own good. Being genuine though, is so much more wonderful. 🙂

    Thanks, Christy, dear friend, for this reminder of a place that none of want to go back to!
    Happy smiles and big geeky hugs to you!


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      That’s wonderful Sean that you have learned from the past experiences and changed behavior… change is so important for emotional growth. Thanks for the compliments and hugs – right back at you, dear friend!


  2. Letizia

    Whenever I read your poetry, there’s a line that holds me, makes me stop for a second. In this poem, it’s “I wonder when you began to
    Stuff mouths of anyone between us.”


  3. Aquileana

    ►Hello Christy►

    Wow CB; your writing keeps on improving!!!. Well done, my friend; I am really proud of you

    ►Regarding the first stanza, I like how you play with the double pair of opposites:
    “Past- Present” / “Truth -Lies”.

    The first two verses of the first stanza show us the existent tension of opposite ideas:, specifically when you say: “You direct me forward but/ I want to go back”.

    As I see it this has to be with the need of breaking the bonding or just with setting boundaries as you once said in that poem of the “No trespassing” signal…

    I also noticed that adjectives here in the first stanza have a deep connotative sense… They are related to a psychic discomfort, born of this toxic relationship (“Clean sheet” / “Lies melted”)

    ►The second stanza show us the major role of words spoken (“Your tongue slices through the truth”).

    And we can also feel the thick presence of those neverending lies, fake appearances and varnished gestures (“Folding in layers of synonyms”; “Your weightless smile never ages”).

    ►I believe that the third and last stanza presents a sort of wish of the unconscious (the dark corner), which probably entrains the desire to run away from the bunch of lies.

    In other words, this means to try to figure out the way out of that dark labyrinth in order to be able to “run empty on truth” (and into the light)

    Thanks for sharing Christy… Have a great week ahead 😉

    Aquileana 🙂


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Excellent descriptions and introspection here, Amalia. Let’s see… yes, the movements forward and back relate to the rope that I later hold by one end. It is as though I tug on the line and hope to find out more about the truth.

      The ‘slicing’ of the tongue is a harsh image and, as you explain, it has a thick presence. Lies are so much the same…

      It is wonderful to read that you feel my poetry improving over time. I do think this has happened as well, as I have become more open with my words and writing in general.

      Sending love!


  4. rollyachabot

    Hi Christy… The truth s you have found your way out and have become an amazing writer who shares from the heart. Stay true to yourself and gather around those who do the same. We all love you Christy… so well written.

    Hugs from Alberta


  5. seanbidd

    The way a thought takes shape in your mind while writing, Christy, it drips with colour from the palette of the tongue, free of the race at the rift to to the wind’s fringe, writing…


  6. Robyn King

    This is powerful work Christy The line “I wonder when you began to
    Stuff mouths of anyone between us. so amazing.. I loved that so much, such wonderful work!!! Best Wishes,Robyn


  7. filbio

    Wow – you can tell this person really hurt you. Lies and deceit can really destroy trust and ruin a relationship. Hope you are past him now.



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