A Poem of Thanks to Spirits That We Love

I am thinking about a friend who passed away, nearly a year ago now. In January, I wrote him a tribute with Voices Above: A Poem of Remembrance.  Today, I pen more words and hope they reach you when you need them. People pass in body, but their spirits live on within our minds.

This is christyb, reaching out to spirits we love.

Thankful by Nakeva

Thankful by Nakeva (Photo credit: Nakeva)

Passed but Never in the Past

Your memory keeps me warm when
I stand at the stove, stirring a combination of
Beef chunks, vegetables and memories of
Your laugh.

You said that I wasn’t being myself,
So now I spoon my days full of determination to
Work hard, blame no one and never
Ignore myself.

You passed away but never will
My past forget you,
So long as I feed my soul with your
Reminders to receive and give love freely.
Thank-you for being void of chains and
Thank-you for being you.

©2013 Christy Birmingham


45 thoughts on “A Poem of Thanks to Spirits That We Love

  1. TZM

    Such a lovely poem Christy and a great way to remember those we have loved and treasured.

    Always keeps them in our hearts and minds. 🙂


  2. Sue Dreamwalker

    Christy, this again is a wonderful tribute.. Our loved ones are are forever within our hearts and memories and are only every a whisper of a thought away…
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend..
    Hugs Sue xoxox


  3. irinadim

    A lovely tribute to a friend who must have been a beautiful person, reminding you to receive and give love freely. Our loved ones always stay with us in our minds, nourishing our souls. Thank you for this beautiful poem, Christy.


  4. Aquileana

    Hello Christy;

    I was just thinking that life and death are connected ..

    One is the beginning and the other the end so there are both part of the same process we call life… Even when we seem to ignore it, death is an implicit and furtive presence…

    I do think that when we try to figure out the purpose of our lives, we finish by discovering the relationship between life and death, by logical inclusion…

    According to the Buddhist way of thinking death is the key that unlocks the seeming mystery of life. In this sense; “What is life worth?” is the main question regarding this topic…

    I think that the best way to remember someone who has passed away is to live among their Legacy, and to live our lives according to our personal purposes, to our main values; being always faithful to ourselves and to our own aims…

    That´s why I love the verses where you say
    “You passed away but never will / My past forget you” and particularly the ending line: “Thank-you for being you”…

    Thank-you for being so authentic and sensitive, regarding this topic, my friend,

    Aquileana 😉


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Indeed, dear friend, death is a natural part of life. Regardless, many people refuse to even think about death because of the obviously negative aspects. You’re right that Buddhists and other religions see life as starting after death rather than death being the end… If there is an afterlife then I hope it finds our loved ones well. I appreciate your kind words and our authentic conversations. Hugs xx


      1. Aquileana

        Hugs back at you… I am not sure if there is life after death as the Buddhists believe

        I just say that even logically speaking Life and Death are part of the same linear process called LIFE…

        And as D.H. Lawrence said: “We’ve got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen.”…

        So that´s life, honey!!!

        Sending you love; Aquileana 😉


  5. Charlene Woodley

    Oh, my friend Christy! You have given me something so valuable! This piece immediately led my mind and heart to my parents…conveying something much like I would say to them today. I could cry, but I truly understand what you are saying here. The closeness that you had still exists afterwards…I am living proof of this fact. Beautifully expressed and thank you for this! ❤ <3!


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Charlene, I’m so happy you enjoy the words and that they connect with you so clearly… Yes, we rejoice in what those loved ones gave us – love, respect, guidance, and more – and we remember them in our hearts. I love you, dear friend! x


  6. Seyi sandra

    This poem brought tears to my ears, you such a warm soul. I’ve lost a friend too, and reading this gave me peace because my friend still lives in my heart! I love you!!! Hugs and blessings. 🙂



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