Sunday Interview – actually, more of a guest post

Hello my poetic peeps!
I am proud to be guest posting on the mywithershins site today! I offer three tips for getting inspiration for writing poetry. Please stop by and read… especially if you are suffering from that darned writer’s block. Thanks Sue Rocan, the talented writer of the book Withershins, for having me to your site today!


Christy Birmingham


Welcome, Everyone!

Many of you may know Christy, follow her blog, or remember my previousinterviewof her. Today, she will be taking over my blog to talk about poetry. I have, on occasion, written a poem or two, but only when divine inspiration strikes. Maybe you and I can learn how to be more poetically inspired after reading this post.

Please welcome Christy Birmingham fromPoetic Parfait!


3 Ways to Get Inspiration for Writing Poetry

Ah yes, poetry. I love to write it. Do you? If so, you may find that while the craving is there, you sometimes run out of ideas for new poems. Here are three tips for how to get inspiration to write poetry.

Connect with Nature

This technique for gaining inspiration is my favorite one. Try heading outside to a trail, park or local gardening store. Take time to breathe in the…

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Interview – actually, more of a guest post

  1. Aquileana

    “Breaks are beneficial. Now why do I suddenly want a Kit Kat bar?”… (Good one)


    I absolutely enjoyed the writing inspiration tips there; Christy…

    Just for the record I love the third way to get inspiration to write poetry …

    I feel that maybe I could be involved there as you talked about Keats and Shakespeare
    ( eagerness to lead the main role?… hmm; guilty!!!)

    Last but not Least: I also like your new picture with Poetic Parfait´s header on it…Very nice

    Happy sunday & Hugs;

    Aquileana 😉



    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Hi Aqui,
      Thanks for helping me out with the new image for my picture. It fits all of the lettering now!

      Yes, you noted the Keats reference, did you? It was Keats or Yeats, and I chose one 🙂

      Well, you can have a Kit Kat bar and I’ll have the Diet Coke. How does that sound?!!

      Love to you for your day,


      1. Aquileana

        Okay & then we switch with the Kit Kat & The Diet Coke … Sounds like a great deal Bunny-Gal…

        And it is my pleasure to help you no matter how
        (if I can I will) 😉

        Love right back at you

        Aquileana 🙂


  2. lscotthoughts

    Loved your interview, Christy, and all of your tips and advice…I have been inspired by all that you mentioned, I think! 🙂 And it’s also good to take a break! Congrats on being interviewed, as well! xxx



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