An Interview, Friends and Mr Shakespeare


Happiness (Photo credit: Celestine Chua)

Hello, friends! How is the day going? Are you creating, motivating and dancing? Are you smiling at me now? I hope so.

The friends I have made online never cease to amaze me. I am pointing out three of them today. There are many more, yet today I focus on three people who have stood out over the last few days.

Let me explain, christyb says, with a sweeping hand gesture.

I follow several blogs and regularly read posts. The posts cover quite a span, including poetry, artwork, fashion, health and fiction. Brighter Poetics is one that surprised me in a wonderful way the other day. Charlene, the blog’s writer, included my book Pathways to Illumination in her post Shades of Self. She didn’t link to my site, so I was shocked to see this line within her post:

I have already purchased ‘Pathways to Illumination’ by ChristyB at – can we say AWESOME???

How cool is that statement to read unexpectedly?! The answer: very. Thanks, Charlene! She regularly posts fiction, poetry and reflections on her life. I recommend that you follow her site.

I am Happy Here

I am Happy Here (Photo credit: Eduardo Damasceno)

Friend #2 came to ME and asked if he could interview me about my debut poetry collection. His name is Maxima, a well-known poet online. I was honored, and told him so, to which he explained that he enjoyed my poetry very much. You can read our interview, titled Magical-Treasury Of My Dreams, to find some tidbits about me (including my favorite quotes). Maxima regularly posts poems to his site that are wonderfully romantic. Check out his site too!

Who else? Let’s see… Aquileana is a delightful friend who encourages my writing and is always promoting me online. We share many networks outside of blog-land, including Twitter and Google+.  Her latest post at her site La Audacia De Aquiles is a great one, about the fabulous William Shakespeare. The post includes discussion about his sonnets, photography, links to articles for additional information and more. Be sure to translate it to English, if you don’t read Spanish fluently.

Do you know what language I speak? The language of friendship – and I see lots of smiles in the future! Take care, and chat again soon.


32 thoughts on “An Interview, Friends and Mr Shakespeare

  1. Aquileana

    Oh, thanks Christy for the mention here… I feel humbled and happy that you suggest my blog to your fellow readers even when it is in spanish… I totally appreciate your gesture my friend;

    Hugs to you; my shakesperian friend

    Aquileana 😉

    ( “Who else?… Let´s see”…)


  2. Charlene Woodley

    Hey friend, thanks for the mention! I still remember the first day that we began our mutual follows and now we are true friends! Next time, (and there will be one, hehe) I will take time out to link to those that I mention and promote – love ya lady! 🙂


  3. Aquileana

    Dear Christy /Poetic Gal;

    Good night my friend… Hope you have had a good day… As I didn´t see you around i think you must have been writing cool stuff. ((I missed you a little bit))

    I´ve just found this lovely micropoem in your twitter/instagram account and liked it very much… You are a real poetic parfait soul!.

    Sending you love & hope all is good…

    Aquileana (from Argentina) 🙂


  4. Wendell A. Brown

    Christy the genuine love and friendship which finds a home deep in your heart and spirit is always easily embraced because of your smiling words. You are a real gem and very talented indeed! Blessings!


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Wendell, what a lovely comment to read from you. Your genuine spirit rises mightily in your comment as well – thank-you for connecting here and sharing these words with me. Blessings back to you too!


  5. filbio

    It is really great to make many online friends that appreciate what we all write about, even though we all have different styles. It’s good to follow different bloggers to get a different perspective on life and viewpoints. I have made many cool blogger friends.



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