Poetry of Hope, with Purple Hues

Happy November to you all! May this month recharge your spirit and bring you closer to your goals. x

Here is a poem of hope, of reaching forward. My inspiration came from a beautiful work of art posted at Jem Farmer – The Boi PoetBelow is the artwork by Jill Griffin, titled Summer Dawn Haze, so that you can see where I drew my inspiration. Thanks Jem for providing the prompt!

Summer Dawn Haze, by Jill Griffin

Summer Dawn Haze, by Jill Griffin

Wooden Hopes

The leaves scatter around her feet as
She stands at the opening to the purple forest,
With a mind full of broken branches.

The woman looks between the violent
Trunks ahead, hoping to find a
Kind thought (or two) between
Her worn wooden hopes.

As she considers stepping forward, her
Face bears the fruit of reluctance, and
She hears a whisper in the wind.

The voice grabs at her ears, urging
Her to move beyond the dimensions ahead.

Why, the woman asks,
A single word spoken to a
Smooth-sounding voice, in front of
A haze of purple and blue.

The voice clicks its tongue and exhales
Kindness into both of her ears at once.
You are enough, says the voice, before the
Whispers move beyond the first trunk.

The woman looks tentatively ahead and
Then toward the orange skies,
Before she steps ahead and responds
To the whisper.

Yes, she says, nodding to the voice.
I am a glass that is chipped but never empty,
I am one body that is bruised but never broken.

A rush of wind pulls back the woman’s hair
Before a smile unwraps on her face, and
It is then that she takes more steps forward,
Into the purple forest of hopes and hues.

©2013 Christy Birmingham

As an addition, thank-you to my wonderful GalPal Aquileana for the beautiful Shakespeare card to add here!

Shakespeare Sonnet 130

Shakespeare love and AP!


60 thoughts on “Poetry of Hope, with Purple Hues

  1. Janine Huldie

    This was absolutely beautiful and such a spirit of hope that you did truly share here. I love the images with using the color purple. This seems to be Emma’s favorite color right now, so I could help but love this more that you used the color purple. Happy November and Friday, too now!! 🙂


    1. Aquileana

      Hello CB;

      I loved how you have worked with the essential nature of those purple woods…

      “leaves scatter, broken branches, Trunks ahead, worn wooden hopes”.

      I was just thinking in Frost´s poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” because in fact I saw some poetic affinities here…

      I like how the woman seems to respond to the call of her inner voice,which in fact speaks through the nature of the woods as an echo which retorts to her own deepest desires … The call of the purple woods, the whisper of the orange skies coming from above…

      … “It is then that she takes more steps forward/ Into the purple forest of hopes and hues”.

      These ending lines are remarkable as they represent the response to her inner whispering voice and her need to step ahead…

      Very nice, my friend!!!…
      I am wishing you a great friday night; as we are looking “tentatively ahead” to the arrival of the purple weekend… xo

      Aquileana 😉


        1. Aquileana

          Purple hugs right back at you… Congratulations on this poem, I love the poetic images you have chosen to show the woman´s journey of growth here…

          Aquileana 😉


        2. Aquileana

          I saw you changed it and love the new widget… Thanks again my dearest #GalPal…

          Sending you love along your way (or shall I say: along your pathways?…)

          Aquileana 😉


  2. Swetank Raj

    I might say you gave wings to Jill’s Picture!! Lovely as always my dear friend. I love reading your poems exhausting with my work in technology blog. It gives peace to my mind.

    A thing I want to mention you regarding your blog design. Which is you should put a Home button in your navigation panel. Readers will hard to find moving to your home to see your latest releases. As you can find on my blog. I have been in web designing field since 3 years, happy to help and learn as you can see my works on http://www.fusiq.blogspot.com. So this is just a mention regarding your blog. Happy Sunday my friend. Thanks for the each and every poem which Inspired me a lot!! 🙂


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      Swetank, thanks for always supporting my poetry! It means so much to me that you come here for inspiration. I don’t understand about how to put the “home” button but I will try. Will you come back soon to check how it looks?


  3. irinadim

    Such a beautiful poem! The journey from brokenness to healing is felt so vividly through wonderful metaphors. I haven’t yet read all of your poems, but this one would be one of my favourites.


  4. filbio

    Such a well worded poem. It’s like the woman is taking a chance on pushing into the unknown same as we are all doing each time we start out a new month.

    Happy weekend!


  5. dontchawannadream

    Loved it, Christy!!! I don’t know how you do to write such beautiful poems!!!
    Well… I guess it’s TALENT!!! 😉
    Bravo, bravo and thanks for your kind comments on my blog.
    it always makes my day!!


  6. Tessa

    Beautiful poem (as usual) dear Christy! Your imagery and beautiful words never cease to amaze. Hugs back to you – to return your warmth that always comes from reading your talented work.


  7. Marylin Warner

    Christy, this is very powerful. “…a glass that is chipped but never empty…one body that is bruised but never broken…” ~ such a touching and strong description.
    The painting is an ideal visual.


  8. macjam47

    Christy, this is beautiful. “You are enough” – so hope-filled.
    “I am a glass that is chipped but never empty,
    I am one body that is bruised but never broken” – powerful words, my friend.



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