Guest Post: Poet Maxima is Here

This is Maxima

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We have a visitor today!

Many of you already know poet Maxima but for those of you who do not, let me tell you more about him. He is a wonderful writer of romantic poetry. What I find amazing is that English is not his native language! I have followed his blog for a long time now and am a fan.

His written lines often take my breath away. Here is a lovely poem Your Touch from Maxima to share today. Enjoy!

Your Touch

By: © Maxima

Your every touch is different,
Somehow warmer, softer,
Divine and spiritual.
I never go in the same direction,
Regardless of what the season is,
Fall: leaves, snow, or rain;
Your every touch is different,
Divine, warmer, softer.
When you touch me gently
Roses bloom all over the world.
A white lotus flower in blue water,
Your soul opens.
I love you, a mature love.
Fairy tales, fairies, and angels
Arise from your skin.
I travel with my imagination afire;
In my world you are the sun
Which I love more than anything.

Flower Photo by Maxima

© Maxima

Feel free to connect further with Maxima at his self-titled blog. Enjoy his poetry? Find his book Midnight Promises at Smashwords (( Use Coupon Code SZ36S to get a discount! Only $4.99! ))

This is christyb, wishing you a day of love and adoration.


14 thoughts on “Guest Post: Poet Maxima is Here

  1. lscotthoughts

    Wonderful post for Stefan, Christy! I’ve been following him for a long time, too, and he just recently did a wonderful interview with me on his blog, which I’m still humbled by…I love his romantic heart, which creates his romantic, beautiful poetry and his book is on my list to buy, also! This poem is just as lovely. Thanks for sharing! xo


  2. Aquileana

    Good poem…. nicely written . My favorite verses are : “When you touch me gently/Roses bloom all over the world/ A white lotus flower in blue water/Your soul opens”…

    You have been very kind by highlighting Maxima´s work here Christy;

    Cheers,xo; Aquileana 😉


  3. pictimilitude

    I think of deep, wonderful true love with this poem. “you are my sun”- omg – how beautiful. He is inspiring me to try to write more poems in Spanish. I’ve always loved Spanish poetry more than English ones, actually – Spanish is so poetic. haha.



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