Poetry Time: Fingers Curve


A new poem marks with friendship, hope and fingers that curve…

I think that hope can help us rise about so many things – it gives us something to believe in, so unchangeable yet so close… I am deep in musings and full of thought.

And so the poem begins.

Fingers Curve

You wind your body around the finger of hope, with
So much determination that you leave indents on our
Friendship that I know I will never forget.
The rings you have built around us are thick with
Forgiveness, and our skin warms with hearts
That shine with smiles for one another.
This room of ours has walls full of framed memories,
Scenic lakes and hugs, taking fun turns running around
A tree that has more knots than our pasts.
Your silhouette curves so beautifully as
Your head holds high above what others whisper,
And you don’t mind their ears, as you pay attention to
The fingers that curve for hope and for the days of plenty.
I nod and remember.

Β©2013 Christy Birmingham


54 thoughts on “Poetry Time: Fingers Curve

  1. Irina Dimitric

    True friendship is not rigid but flexible like the ‘winding body around the finger of hope’, it does not judge but forgives and pays attention to ‘The fingers that curve for hope and for the days of plenty.’ I like the image of the curve. Beautifully penned, Christy.


  2. Aquileana


    Such a beautiful poem which includes as main topics Friendship and Hope (Nothing more, nothing less)

    Rings, past, forgiveness, hope and friendship …
    I do see these nouns as the successive links of the poemΒ΄s stanzas.

    Rings seem to be related to hope ( in a forward movement, rising to the lofty domains of Future)

    I love the neologism: “To wind the body” … (Specifically when you say “You wind your body around the finger of hope”)

    Those rings you have referred to are not only linked to Hope (Future) but to Forgiveness, which involves Past. (“The rings you have built around us are thick with Forgiveness” & “I nod and remember. Friendship”)

    Worth noting: that wind that blows the bodies is the same old wind that once blew in the past …
    The same old windy surroundings. Winds of change, and yet the constant factor beneath change remains invariable.

    To hopefully assume the future…
    To keep oneΒ΄s head holding high above without caring about what others say for the only whisper that counts here is the voice of friendship…
    As to this voice, it is clear and pure and it speaks straight to the heart…
    No veils, no harmful intentions. Only selfless hope curving for the days ahead to arrive…

    As ever, your words really touched me… Thank you. I am sending you poetic rings of friendship and hope..

    Aquileana πŸ™‚


    1. Christy Birmingham Post author

      AP, your spirit is sweet as are your words. The compliments humble me, as does your friendship.

      We keep our heads high and we step forward together, as the best of GalPals do. Love you.

      Your analysis here has me close to an “awe shucks” moment xxoo


  3. Sue Dreamwalker

    Friendships truly bend and are full of curves as we allow ourselves to curl up in the comfort of knowing no matter how many knots we have tied around ourselves or how many twists we get into.. A true friend will be there with their helping hands to lift us up and help us over the bad times…

    Beautifully scripted Christy.. Thank you


  4. Jeff Fedor

    The butterfly flutters in the wind.So fragile and beautiful.Hope being a gentle wind to guide it’s wings.Lift! Lift! me up.Softly touch me down.Beautiful flower you are my gift of life.My path with you leads me on many journeys.Which we share in the gentle wind.


  5. Tessa

    ‘Fingers Curve”…where you come up with your ideas and imagery is truly amazing. Loved this poem and how you combined your thoughts with emotion and trust.


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